April 13, 2024

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Looks like Google is in the process of buying a nascent audio

Looks like Google is in the process of buying a nascent audio

Over the past year or so, Google has purchased several audio hardware startups, according to recent report from protocol. The fact that Google has spent tens of millions on startups and patent portfolios of companies working on audio, 3D audio, noise-cancelling and Bluetooth devices may indicate that it plans to expand its audio product lineup. In many cases, it is said to have been brought into corporate employees as well.

Google is no stranger to the world of audio products. Multiple models are sold out generations of Wireless headphonesand its trademarks Nest Audio smart speaker as “it’s all about the sound”. But for now, it doesn’t have the same range of offerings as competitors like Apple or Bose — acquisitions could help put Google in a better position to create products like earphones or more feature-rich earbuds.

Some of the lists of hires and jobs that the report talks about point to the idea that Google could also build custom silicon for audio products. This approach could make sense. Apple headphones Use a custom chipAnd Google has a history of creating specialized hardware and designing its own chips for things like Safety And the Image Processing. but it Created their own SoC for the Pixel 6.

as protocol He notes that some deals seemed more focused on acquiring patents rather than technology or talent. The chain acquisitions started after that Sonos sued Google (twice) for violating patents related to smart speaker technology. Google recently I had to remove some features From some smart home appliances, thanks to the judge’s ruling so Has really infringed Sonos patents It’s hard to imagine that Google wants to keep making existing or future products worse thanks to intellectual property disputes. Having its own set of audio patents could help prevent this in the future.

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