April 17, 2024

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'Madame Web' producer talks about superhero fatigue

'Madame Web' producer talks about superhero fatigue

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Many people have addressed the topic of superhero fatigue lately, especially since the genre has stumbled with a number of failures recently – even from those that have been guaranteed successes in the past.

Some have dismissed the concept as not fatigue with the genre itself, but fatigue with bland or bad filmmaking. We're seeing that evident at the box office this weekend with the “Madame Web” spin-off of the “Spider-Man” movie after it received poor reviews and under-performed box office expectations.

But that didn't stop mega-producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, director of the “Transformers” and “GI Joe” franchises who produced “Madame Web,” from expressing his opinion on the subject in a recent interview. Talk to Discuss the movie To promote the project yesterday, he says:

“I think there were two things that happened, both with Marvel [the MCU] And the capital. First of all, I think these types of superhero films have suffered a bit because they have moved away from what made, say, the first Iron Man or Christopher Nolan's Batman successful to begin with. Those were really character-driven films.

Then, when you start getting into these big movies where you're trying to tie all the worlds together, you actually take away from the emotional journey of the central characters.

So, for me, part of the fatigue is that you have to keep track of everything now. You know, it's almost like homework. With Madame Web, you don't have to know anything coming in the movie. You will meet a new character and then go on an emotional journey with them.

Which leads to my second point, a lot of modern superhero movies have also moved away from the thing that really works for having unusual characters, which is getting to know them and then going on a journey together.

This makes it more character based and therefore engaging, it's not just about the spectacle. Trust me, if you've seen some of my movies, I love the spectacle. But when the scene itself starts to undermine the film, I think there's a lesson to be learned.

Whether he took his lesson seriously is another story. “Madame Web” currently has a rating of 13% (3.4/10) from 172 reviews from critics and a rating of only 54% with the audience on board. Rotten tomatoes – Worse than “Morbius” (15% critics/71% audiences) and the second-worst Marvel film adaptation in recent years after the short-lived TV series “Inhumans” (11%/43%).

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The news comes, says Johnson Magic FM She has not actually seen the film yet because she tends to avoid watching her own films, adding that “not watching my films is self-care.”