April 24, 2024

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Maduro regime hits out at Pedro, Lula and Mujica: “Paste your ideas where they fit”

Maduro regime hits out at Pedro, Lula and Mujica: “Paste your ideas where they fit”
Gustavo Pedro, President of Colombia; President Lula da Silva of Brazil; and former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica

Nicolás Maduro's rule in Venezuela He lashed out against its regional allies Gustavo PedroPresident of Colombia; Luis Inacio Lula de Silva, President of Brazil; And Jose “Pepe” MujicaFormer president of Uruguay.

Through his account on the social network Jorge RodriguezRevealed: “We are not involved in anybody's business. Put your comments where they belong”.

“You know the president PetroPresident Lula, MujicaSuch as the plan of rebellion and assassination revealed here by Fascism's chief spokesman in Miami? While continuing: “Will your countries accept plans to attack the President as we have expressed on many occasions? Did you know that the fascist organization Vente Venezuela has never applied to register as a political party, nor has it applied on its own initiative? That is, the party was never registered with the CNE (National Electoral Council) or they did not register on their own initiative,” Rodriguez disclosed.

And he concluded: “Did you hear that 100% of the parties accredited to the CNE, from across the political spectrum, registered any of the 13 candidates running for the presidency of Venezuela? Ignorance? Ignorance? Afraid? We are not involved in anybody's business. Put your comments where they belong”.

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This is due to Chavismo's strong offensive against its historical regional allies Pedro, Lula and Mujica questioned In the last days The electoral process in VenezuelaLeader of the Opposition there Maria Corina Machado Ineligible to participate in the July 28 elections and whom he wanted to nominate, the historian Corina YorisShe was also not allowed to register as a candidate.

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On Thursday, Brazilian presidents, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva; and France, Emmanuel MacronOpposition party Yoris said there are obstacles in filing nominations “serious”.

LulaSpeaking to reporters in a joint appearance with his French Prime Minister who was on an official visit to Brazil, he said, Yoris's inability to register as a candidate has no “political or legal” explanation..

French President Emmanuel Macron poses with Brazil's Lula da Silva on Thursday in Brasilia (AP Photo/Eraldo Perez)

For its part, Government of Colombia Venezuela expressed its concern over the opposition's difficulties in registering candidates for this year's elections.

Colombia expresses its concern regarding the recent events in the registration of some presidential candidatesEspecially regarding the difficulties faced by the majority opposition parties such as the PUD and the Vente Venezuela movement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an official statement.

Meanwhile, former Uruguayan President Jose Mujica He said that Venezuela lives in a “Aggressive rule” That It does not respect the basic laws of democracy..

“You know what's unfortunate about Venezuela? It's a misfortune similar to Argentina: it's very rich. And they've rounded it up. A blind and conflicted dogmatic ruler.Said the Broad Front representative on the radio. the corner By participating in the event at Expo Activa de Soriano, Uruguay.

And he added: “If a place is under siege, any opponent is a traitor. so, Venezuela's political system is always on the defensive and does not respect the basic laws of democracy. You must respect those who think differently, because it would be a pain to admit it, we are with the monarchy. “We need the freedom to disagree.”

Message from Maria Corina Machado

Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Corina Machado He said thank you this Friday Petro, Lula And Macron They expressed their concern about their positions in the July 28 presidential elections, in which it was impossible to register an anti-Chavismo candidacy. Corina Yoris.

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Thanks to Presidents Emmanuel Macron, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Gustavo Pedro “For their positions in the last hours that reaffirm that our struggle is just and democratic,” the head of Vende Venezuela said on his X account.

Then he asked “Democratic leaders of the world“Must unite to demand Maduro regime Allow Yoris registration as the candidate of Venezuela's main opposition coalition, the Platform for Democratic Unity (PUD).

“It's become clear There are no political or legal reasons “It prevents Corina Yoris from being a candidate and her exclusion, like me, denies the possibility of a free and fair election,” he noted.

Finally, he said:We urge all world democratic leaders to support the full implementation of the Barbados AgreementSigned a few months ago to achieve free and fair elections in Venezuela.