February 24, 2024

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Martha Stewart talks about whether she's had plastic surgery, a facelift or Botox

Martha Stewart talks about whether she's had plastic surgery, a facelift or Botox

Martha Stewart works hard to maintain her youthful glow, and she's not afraid to share details about the cosmetic procedures she's undergone.

In new episode On her podcast, “The Martha Stewart Podcast” from iHeartMedia, the 82-year-old shared her perspective on aging and sat down with dermatologist, Dr. Dan Belkin, to share tips for looking your best as you age.

“I don't think much about age, but I don't want to look my age at all. That's why I work so hard at it,” Stewart said.

In addition to exercising and following a healthy diet, the lifestyle expert said she is a fan of cosmetic procedures to help her look her best.

“I think you're a real testament to the idea that taking care of your body, taking care of your skin, and doing kind of minimally invasive treatments conservatively and regularly can keep you beautiful at any age,” Belkin said.

Belkin revealed that he put “a little Botox” on Stewart's upper face, but admitted that it didn't work as well as they expected.

“Oh, I don't like that at all. My eyebrows go up in a V shape and it looks unnatural because I don't have lines in my forehead,” Stuart replied.

“I tried to give you a little push. It didn't work well on the upper face, but I think neuromodulators like Botox worked well for you on the lower face,” Belkin said.

When it comes to facial fillers, Belkin says he uses them “very conservatively” with Stewart.

“We don't do that very often. And for you, I like to use fillers that we call biostimulation fillers. So I would say this is another trend that's moving away a little bit from hyaluronic acid fillers, like regular fillers. (Biostimulation fillers are intended to increase Collagen production, while hyaluronic acid fillers add volume and reduce lines and wrinkles).

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Stewart has dabbled in skin tightening procedures as well.

“We did some ultrasound tightening I think a long time ago. We did a little soft wave, which is an ultrasound-based tightening device,” Belkin explained.

Stewart appears to have inherited her passion for skin care from her late mother, who also prioritized visits to a dermatologist.

“I think going to a really good dermatologist can help you feel better. I remember when my mother, who was 85, went to the plastic surgeon and said, 'I just, I want to get a plastic surgery because I just want to look better.' ” good.' “Well, you'll look good,” he said. You won't look younger, but you'll look good.” “That's enough for me,” she said. I just want to look good,” Stewart recalls.

Stewart has previously criticized rumors that she underwent plastic surgery in light of her May 2023 Sports Illustrated cover.

“This is not true. I have never had any plastic surgery.” He told Variety on time. “I have very good, healthy hair. I drink green juice every day. I take vitamins. I eat very healthy. I have very good dermatologists. I'm very careful in the sun. I wear hats and sunscreen every day. Every day.”

“Every now and then, there are some fillers I can do for a small line here or there, but I hate Botox,” she added. “It's a weird thing for me. I don't really do much.”

Stewart is clearly feeling very comfortable in her own skin these days, and she hasn't been shy about sharing her so-called “thirst traps” with her social media followers.

Recently, she shared a sexy photo of herself wearing a nightgown in December 2023.

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In October 2023, Stewart spoke about her fashion sense and explained that she had no time for fashion “rules” that restrict women to wearing certain clothes when they grow up.

“I've worn the same clothes since I was 17,” Stewart told Page Six Style. “If you look at my pictures on my Instagram, I look pretty much the same.”

She echoed that sentiment during a visit to TODAY on Nov. 6.

“I developed a personal style a very long time ago,” she said. “It's pretty much the same thing. Suits. Big jackets. I like big jackets. I like short skirts.”