February 28, 2024

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Martin Retrado – Gift for “Limit” by Modilda Salazar for Christmas from Paparazzi Magazine

The relationship of Martin Retrodo Y Louisiana Salazar It ended in corruption and a year ago the media decided to expose the economist’s betrayal and severed ties with him. In the final hours it was revealed that Luli and Retrado had reached a contract and he would be in a relationship with Modilda again.

Bala Varela After reaching an agreement with the model he read the statement signed by Martin Retrado and the economist accepted all the conditions imposed on him by the media to keep in touch. Modilda, The little girl who received Luli through a surrogate mother in the United States.

At the time, Paula said what a fancy gift Retrodo gave to a 4-year-old girl: “That’s because he wants to reunite with Modilda. In fact, last week on the woman’s birthday, he sent her a large sum of dollars as a gift. He gave her money as a gift.”

Adrian Ballares comments on Louisiana’s former gesture: “He’s emotional! Another thing: the boys ask Santa Claus for toys. Even if they say they need clothes, parents buy it. Commenting on the reaction of the girl’s mother to Spicy, the journalist said: “Louisiana was happy.”

Also continued: “The woman can now buy what she wants: a car, a house”. And then it was systematic Karina Ivicoli Comment on Retrodo’s gift to Modilda: “It is rare for women to be paid. Reconnecting is a different way. That’s weird. “

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