December 1, 2023

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Matthew Perry: The Friends guest star says he stopped Chandler’s cheating story

Matthew Perry: The Friends guest star says he stopped Chandler’s cheating story


Many memories are being shared in the wake of Matthew Perry’s death.

The “Friends” actor died in an apparent drowning at his Los Angeles home recently, and the cause of his death is still being investigated, although law enforcement sources said no foul play is suspected. He was 54 years old.

Since then, people began to remember the star.

Lisa Cash was an actress who appeared on Friends during its fifth season in 1999. During Interview with TMZ She shared that even though her role was as a flight attendant, that wasn’t what it originally was.

According to Cash, she was initially cast as a hotel employee, who is cheated on by Perry’s character, Chandler, after a fight with Monica (played by Courteney Cox) after having lunch with her ex-boyfriend, Richard (played by Tom Selleck).

“The scene was that Chandler and Monica were arguing in Vegas about Monica having lunch with Richard. “Initially in our script, Chandler goes up to the hotel room, orders room service, and I bring it up to him like a hotel bellboy,” Cash said. “And Chandler ended up cheating on Monica with my character.”

Cash said the scene had been rehearsed but “the day before we were filming in front of a live audience, I was told that Perry went to the book and said the audience would never forgive (Chandler) for cheating on Monica.”

“Maybe he was right!” she said. “This probably would have changed the course and character of the show.”

CNN has requested comment from Warner Bros. Television, which produced Friends, is owned by Warner Bros Discovery, like CNN.

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