July 14, 2024

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McDonald’s introduces a purple milkshake in honor of Grimace

McDonald’s introduces a purple milkshake in honor of Grimace

Photo by Nico Madrigal-Jankowski

McDonald’s is launching a purple milkshake for the first time in honor of Grimace’s birthday.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In preparation for a birthday celebration, McDonald’s changed its social media account logos to show something purple drenched in eyes about to drink milk. Her name is Grimace, and she’s 52 years old. in order to celebrate, McDonald’s launches a new purple milkshake To pair with a limited-time Grimace birthday meal.

The promotion is not unlike the green milkshake the fast-food company offered on St. Patrick’s Day, in honor of the Grimmas’ uncle, Uncle O’Grimasi.

Grimace is a character in the McDonald’s universe created for young children to convince their parents to buy them fast food after seeing a fluff ball in commercials or as a toy.

However, Grimace was originally named Evil Grimace, when it first appeared in 1971, and Unintentionally frightened children — likely because of his scaly body with four arms — the exact opposite effect of what McDonald’s marketing team had in mind. By 1973, Grimace had been toned down and transformed into a fuzzy purple bubble with two arms who loved milkshakes and were best friends with Ronald McDonald.

Grimace’s birthday meal will include a choice of a Big Mac or 10 Chicken McNuggets, medium fries and a purple milkshake. The shake will be a blended blend of vanilla-flavored ice cream with raspberry flavors, according to the Today.com.

The Grimace Birthday Meal will be available at participating restaurants starting June 12th, while supplies last.

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