April 17, 2024

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Mexican attackers arrested after US military helicopter crashes on Texas border

Mexican attackers arrested after US military helicopter crashes on Texas border
This screenshot shows emergency personnel responding to a helicopter crash near La Cruella, Texas, USA on March 8, 2024, from inside the vehicle, obtained from the online video community. photography; Via AC/REUTERS

Alleged attackers of a Mexican cartel operating in the state Tamaulipas They filmed the moment a US military helicopter crashed on the Texas border on March 8.

The accident happened on Friday afternoon in the east crane, TexasAlmost Old Army Road. According to local authorities, four people were on board, three of whom died on impact: two soldiers and a Border Patrol agent.

Meanwhile, a third US soldier is still hospitalized.

Military aircraft operated under federal orders in conjunction with Border PatrolHe clarified Victor EscalonSouth Texas Regional Director for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

No contact with the helicopter was reported Operation Lone Star State border control initiative working with National Guard.

Meanwhile, a video that has started circulating on social networks shows how assassins on surveillance on the Mexican side captured the moment the military helicopter crashed.

In the recording, which lasts 55 seconds, you can see how the attackers capture the progress of the plane from the Mexican side. From one moment to the next, the helicopter falls and the recorder says: “Fly fell, Alv.”

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This cartel video of the Title 10 National Guard helicopter crash in La Cruella, Texas, may have been made by Metros of the Gulf Cartel (affiliated with CJNG) or the CDN/Zetas Cartel based in the area. These areas have seen fighting between the two cartels.

Video:… pic.twitter.com/1txX6PUYp9

— All Source News (@All_Source_News) March 9, 2024

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The man, identified as Alejo, can be seen in the video running with other men on the field to get as close as possible to the crash site.

“It's burning, smoke coming out,” the subject can be heard saying. In another part of the recording, you can see how the attackers monitor the crashed helicopter from a screen, similar to the one used by drones. In the images you can see a helicopter on the ground while Border Patrol trucks form a perimeter around the crash site.

According to a report, the possible hitmen who carried out the crash belonged to criminal cells of the Los Metros of the Gulf cartel or the Northeast cartel operating in the area, where the two cartels have been fighting. This information has not been confirmed by any authority.

It should be noted that Operation Lone Star, which went into effect in March 2021, was implemented by Governor Greg Abbott. He proposed to deploy 10,000 National Guard troops and a thousand DPS agents in the border districts.

The act gave soldiers extraordinary powers to stop “human and drug trafficking in Texas.”