April 24, 2024

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Miley appointed libertarian tweeter Juan Doe to manage the government's digital communications

Miley appointed libertarian tweeter Juan Doe to manage the government's digital communications

Javier Millay's government announced Position Juan Pablo Carrera, editor-in-chief and co-founder of the news portal La Terecha Diario, is better known on social networks by the pseudonym Juan Do. Director General Digital Communication of the Executive Branch.

Designated officer, under the alias Juan Do Active freelance tweeterThe industrial engineer has known Mili since 2015 and worked throughout the campaign on digital communication issues in the team of external consultant Fernando Cerimedo.

the dog Inaki Gutierrez in office, He was in charge of the government's digital communications until he was moved earlier in the year for tweeting New Year's greetings with a photo of his girlfriend using the Casa Rosada account.

New Officer X (exTwitter) is very active on the social network, where he has 140,000 followers and continues to create controversy. For example, this Sunday he promised “Intervene now in the Province of Missions and stop the collection of taxes It is unconstitutional to send merchandise”.

And told him this morning “Fat Murderer” to Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro. Four days ago Elisa Cario pledged to be “ideologically more Kirchnerist than Maximo Kirchner.”

when Clarion When national government sources were asked about the real name of the man who identified himself as Juan Do on social networks, official sources said they did not know his real name. However, it was revealed that his real name was Juan Pablo Carrera, according to its last bosses Cerimedo, Madero Group (owner of La Derecha Diario) and company MicroStrategy Brazil, According to a business report accessed by Claire's.

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“Juan resigned from his previous job I earned twice as much as an engineer Enter the field. Crack,” Libertarian Deputy Agustin Romo posted in a message retweeted by the new official to show the sacrifice he had to make to accept his new position.

Dove is one of Mili's most quoted figures on her social networks, according to media outlet La Derecha Diario. Together with Serimetov he established a new authority, Outside adviser to the president and former head of his digital presidential campaign.

“After 2 months of work, building an amazing team, a coke in the best campaign in history and 8 years we've saved this country, it's time to hit the ground running,” Doe announced on his X account (exTwitter). I add: “Nothing but thanks to Javier Mili for this opportunity. “I prepared my whole life for this moment.”

“Congratulations and welcome,” presidential spokesman Manuel Attorney posted.

“Good news and well deserved Juan. You were one of the main players of the culture war,” Serimeto congratulated him on the same social network.

Dove's appointment comes days after Cerimedo was accused by a Brazilian Supreme Court judge of being a member of a “criminal organization.” “Action cores and digital militias” in the attempted coup d'état It was led by former President Jair Bolsonaro after the October 2022 election, where he narrowly lost to Lula da Silva.