June 22, 2024

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Morgan Wallen’s bar in Nashville is postponing its opening weekend, angering fans

Morgan Wallen’s bar in Nashville is postponing its opening weekend, angering fans

Morgan Wallen’s Nashville bar will not be open Memorial Day weekend.

Wallen partnered with TC Restaurant Group to open This Bar & Tennessee Kitchen in Nashville. The restaurant group issued a statement saying that the process of opening the facility “requires more time” and will not be ready by the weekend.

“We are proud of our team who have worked tirelessly to prepare Morgan Wallen’s This Bar & Tennessee Kitchen for opening. Basic construction of a six-story venue with hundreds of team members is a tremendous amount of work and a complex process,” a representative at TC Restaurant Group told Fox. News Digital.

Morgan Wallen’s Nashville bar has postponed its grand opening at the last minute. (Toni Anne Parson)

The statement continued: “When we open, we want this bar to be an exceptional experience for guests. Unfortunately, the process requires more time, and we are unable to open and serve this experience this weekend. Rest assured that it will be the same.” Well worth the wait, and we look forward to welcoming guests soon.”

Morgan Wallen’s Nashville tape record has been rejected by the board due to the singer’s ‘harmful’ behaviour.

On May 4, Wallen announced the grand opening of his bar at one of his three shows at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. At the time, Morgan did not give a specific date for opening his bar, according to The Verge To the bulletin board.

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On the bar’s official Instagram account, there’s only a panoramic video of downtown Nashville with the name Wallen’s Bar and “Coming Summer 2024.” The video was published 14 weeks ago.

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A representative for Wallen did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Fans took to the comments section of the post to show their disappointment after planning to visit Wallen’s bar over the long weekend.

Country music star Morgan Wallen holds a guitar during a concert.

Wallen’s fans are furious after planning a weekend getaway around the grand opening of his bar in Nashville. (John Shearer)

One user wrote: “I’m so glad I got here after an 8 hour flight and only had a news article an hour ago…”

Another added: “I assume the opening is delayed? I was so upset when we saw we had purchased flights to a hotel and all the travel arrangements are coming from New Hampshire – a lot of hard earned money.”

Another user wrote: “Dang, I drove 12 hours for this…”

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A source told Billboard that Wallen’s Pub postponement has nothing to do with the Metro Nashville Council’s decision this week to refuse to approve an outdoor sign for the bar.

Singer Morgan Wallen wears a backwards hat on stage.

The Nashville City Council rejected the bar’s plan to display a 20-foot banner outside the building. (Getty Images)

On Thursday, the Nashville City Council rejected plans to display a 20-foot banner advertising the bar in downtown Nashville due to the singer’s past controversies, including his past use of Racist slur He allegedly threw a chair from a rooftop in Nashville.

The decision would have allowed the bar’s ownership group to hang a large, neon-lit sign outside the venue, similar to the Nashville bars of other country stars, including those of Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert and others. However, the council voted 30 to 3 to deny placement of the sign.

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“I don’t want to see a billboard with the name of the person who throws chairs off balconies and makes racial slurs,” Councilwoman Delicia Porterfield said. tn.

Morgan Wallen smiling in a denim jacket and backwards hat, holding his guitar

Morgan Wallen’s “malicious” actions led to the Nashville City Council’s decision to reject his plan to display the large billboard. (Getty Images)

District 24 Councilwoman Brenda Judd said Wallen is “someone who keeps getting second chances,” according to the outlet.

District 14 Councilman Jordan Huffman added: “Mr. Whalen is a fellow East Tennesseean. He calls us all a bad name. His comments are abhorrent, and his actions are harmful.” Additionally, Councilwoman Antoinette Lee said those who speak out may “help people who do these harmful acts think twice.”

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On April 7, it was Wallen He is charged with three felony counts by the Metro Nashville Police Department after a chair he allegedly threw from the roof of the six-story Chief’s Pub on Broadway fell near two police officers.

“Last Night” singer. He was “fully cooperating” with the investigation, a representative for the musician told Fox News Digital at the time.

Morgan Wallen smiles in a 2024 photo in a blue button-up shirt

Morgan Wallen was arrested on Sunday, April 8 after throwing a chair from the roof of the bar. (Metro Nashville PD/X)

Whalen did not appear at his first court hearing earlier this month.

Wallen’s attorney, Warrick Robinson, appeared on Wallen’s behalf instead after waiving the country music star’s first appearance. He explained that the court date was a “settlement” in which Wallen’s legal team and the district attorney’s office could have a conversation about the case.

“This is obviously a very complex case,” Robinson told reporters after the hearing. “The matter will not be resolved on its own without subpoenas and witnesses.”

Robinson explained that they have “reset” the case for August 15, and Whalen will be present on that date.