February 22, 2024

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NASA Director praises India after its successful landing on the South Pole of the Moon Latest India News

NASA Director praises India after its successful landing on the South Pole of the Moon  Latest India News

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson on Friday praised India for landing on the moon’s south pole.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson (PTI)

Speaking to news agency ANI, Nelson said: “Congratulations India, you have done something no one else has done. You have landed first around the South Pole of the Moon. We will have a commercial lander landing next year.” “But India was the first. Others have tried, others have failed. But India has been successful. You deserve all the praise for this achievement. It is very important…”

Speaking about the NISAR mission, Nelson said: “This is a major observatory that we are rolling out with the Indian government. There are four major observatories. Once we get the four up, plus the 25 spacecraft we already have in orbit… we will have a complete 3D composite model of exactly what’s going on.” For the Earth… We want to preserve our homeland… The first of these great observatories is Nizar.

“It will monitor all of the Earth’s surfaces. It will see any changes in the water, the land and the ice. That will be another set of data that will help us understand what’s happening to the Earth… that mission will come in the first part of next year,” he added. The rocket was provided by the Indian Space Agency, and then we built the spacecraft together… and it is being prepared in Bangalore at ISRO….”

The NISAR mission, a collaborative Earth observation effort between NASA and ISRO, aims to help researchers study the impact of changes in forest and wetland ecosystems on the global carbon cycle, and thus impact climate change.

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NASA Administrator Bill Nelson arrived in India to participate in a series of strategic discussions and events aimed at strengthening cooperation between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). On his visit to India, Nelson met the first Indian to fly into space, Rakesh Sharma.

“It was a great honor to speak to students in Bengaluru today with Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian to fly into space. His story lit up the room! To the Artemis generation in India and beyond: Work hard, dream big, and aim for the stars. The universe is the limit!” Nelson wrote on X.