May 23, 2024

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NBA Trade Rumors: Trail Blazers Seek Deal #3 for ‘Elite’ SF

NBA Trade Rumors: Trail Blazers Seek Deal #3 for ‘Elite’ SF

The Portland Trail Blazers could go in a number of different directions for a No. 3 pick overall.

While ESPN insider Jonathan Giffoni thinks the Blazers would be happy to keep the pick, Athletic’s John Hollinger says otherwise, noting that the Blazers could pack Anfernee Simons and No. 3 pick to get an “elite” small forward.

the Trail Blazers, who currently possesses selection, will seek a third-place exit rather than select another young player. With Portland in “win it for the lady” mode and the Blazers desperate for playable wingers (even assuming they re-sign Jeremy Grant), speculation is already spreading widely that the package of the third choice and Anaferni Simmons Can be used to lure a small elite forward.

There aren’t too many “elite” small forwards who make sense in the Simons and No. 3 trade, so Portland’s search narrows down. The names that come to mind off the top of the head are DeMar DeRozan from Chicago Bulls and Pascal Siakam of Toronto Raptorsalthough the latter is more of a power forward.

Siakam’s teammate, OG Anunoby, also makes sense, but he wouldn’t be considered elite and likely wouldn’t warrant such a high price tag. If the bid is #3 and Simons for Anunoby, the Blazers should order more.

Most likely, if the Blazers were to make a deal for the “elite” small forward, it would likely result in a three- or more-team deal. Maybe if Portland can trade back to a team like Orlando Magicwho holds picks No. 6 and 11, the Blazers could take those and trade for a player like Siakam, DeRozan, or [insert player here.]

BE community, who do you think deserves to be traded for pick #3? Chime in the comments below.

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