February 21, 2024

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NBC sues ‘trademark squatter’ for Dunder Mifflin rights

NBC sues 'trademark squatter' for Dunder Mifflin rights

Dunder Mifflin Paper Box

Dunder Mifflin Paper Box
picture: Donald Powers/Getty Images for Quill.com

In what appears to be a classic Michael Scott-style fail, NBCUniversal is currently unable to trademark the name “Dunder Mifflin” (the fictional paper company of the desk) because a different company – Jay Kennette Media Group – already owns it. comes from Limitwhich says NBC Universal is appealing the refusal it received from the US Patent and Trademark Office And the He sued Jay Kennett Media Group for allegedly being a “brand squatter” who “built a business based on registering others’ trademarks” and then sold those trademarks back to their “legitimate” owners or already sold trademark-related merchandise.

But one doesn’t become a purported brand by owning one, so what else does Jay Kennette Media Group have? we will, to me Trademarks (which claims to be a “free search engine for publicly available government records”, but may not be 100% accurate) it owns the “Tree Hill Ravens” (the basketball team of One Tree Hill), “Dillon Football” (as in Dillon, Texas from Friday night lights), “Nostromo” (Ship from alien), “Super Saiyan” (when Goku’s hair turns yellow), “Hillman College” (from different world), as well as Dunder Mifflin.

She also appears to have owned “Weyland Yutani” (the evil company of alien movies), “Miskatonic University” (where Cthulhu earned his degree), and “Tyrell Corporation” (the evil company of Blade Runner). Jay Kennette Media Group may have perfectly legitimate claims for those trademarks, or the website may be wrong. we do not know. It’s funny to imagine a world where the same parent company owns both of them Dunder Mifflin and Nostromo.

Excuse us while we go to sign in AO3 to start writing it. We think of Michael as Ripley, Jim as Dallas, Dwight as the robot, and Toby as John Hurt as the man who is murdered by the chest man…

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