January 27, 2023

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Netflix Drops ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer For Season 4, And It’s Amazing From The 80s

Mike, Eleven and Will in Stranger Things season 4

Mike, Eleven, and Will return in the fourth season of Stranger Things.


Stranger Things hasn’t aired a new episode since before the pandemic – July 2019, to be exact. So it’s no surprise that fans are so excited to see clips of Next season 4. The first part of season 4 is coming to Netflix on May 27, with the second half arriving July 1 Trailer for the new season Projection. This could send chills to the fans.

Warning: minor spoilers are ahead.

Atmospheric trailer, set for 1983 . flight song Separate ways (separate worlds), indicates that Dr. Sam Owens (Paul Reiser) seeks help from a frail Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in a “war” that threatens her friends in Hawkins, Indiana.

Police Chief Jim Hooper (David Harbor) is having a hard time in a Russian prison, where he appears forced to fight the Demogorgon. We also see what looks like the season’s main villain, a seemingly intelligent being who lives in the terrifying parallel dimension known as the Upside Down.

Fans were able to count down the hours until the trailer drops across Strange video Put up to promote the show. The video focused on a very long, terrifying clock called the Creel Clock. The Creel House is the site of a disturbing murder and is set to play a role in the new season.

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New to broadcast in April 2022


Ahead of the promotion, several short teaser videos, four teaser posters and still photos from the upcoming season were posted. One of the teasers Offered Creel House, complete with clock. A 1950s family that moved in when the house was in better shape seems to have met a bloody end, and modern kids can’t resist storming into the horrific place and messing with it.

Stranger Things captivated Netflix viewers when it debuted in 2016. Set in the small town of Hawkins in the 1980s, the show begins with the disappearance of a child named Will Byers. Researchers at Hawkins National Laboratory have opened a portal to the terrifying Upside Down and are conducting experiments on a group of children. One of these kids, known as Eleven, escapes and befriends Will’s gang.

Two more seasons rock the original gang, as Hopper appears to be dying (but somehow ended up in Russia), and Joyce Byers takes her family, plus eleven, and Hawkins out. The fourth season was set in 1986.

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