June 24, 2024

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Netflix has been sued over the invention of the character Anna

Netflix has been sued over the invention of the character Anna

Katie Louise as Rachel Williams in Inventing Anna

Katie Louise as Rachel Williams Anna’s creation
picture: Nicole Rivelli/Netflix

Netflix has been sued for defamation and false-light violation of privacy for its previous filming Vanity Fair Photo editor and partner Anna Sorokin Rachel Williams in the series Anna’s creation.

“This action will show that Netflix made a deliberate decision for dramatic purposes to show that Williams does or says things in the series that portray her as greedy, arrogant, traitorous, dishonest, cowardly, manipulative and opportunistic.” complaintfiled in Delaware Federal Court.

The software displays a disclaimer, “This story is absolutely true. Except for the entire component parts.” Well, Williams argues that almost everything Katie Louise portrayed in Anna’s creation From the nature of her friendship with Sorokin to how the two’s relationship ended. In the series, it is clear in several scenes that Williams is a freelancer and was friends with Sorokin only because of her perceived wealth.

The lawsuit — which only mentions Netflix as the defendant and not show maker Shonda Rhimes — seeks unspecified damages, a jury trial, and an injunction to release material related to Williams from Anna’s innovation. It’s worth noting that unlike Sorokin (which Netflix paid for the rights to her story), Williams is Only of an important nature In the series based on a real person.

The complaint continues, “The scale of the damage done to Williams by defaming Netflix would have been extraordinary by any reasonable measure.” “Millions of people around the world have watched the series, and as a result of Netflix’s misrepresentation of her as a despicable person, she has been subjected to a torrent of online abuse that has caused her humiliation, distress and pain, as well as damage to her earnings and/or potential earnings.”

Williams’ representation, Alexander Rufus-Isaacs, points to an interview with executive producer Rhimes as evidence for the alleged intentional defamation.

“We wanted to know what we were making up,” Rhimes said on Create Anna: The Official Podcast Back in March. “We didn’t want to make things up just for her. We wanted to deliberately imagine moments rather than accidentally imagine them.”

in another place an interview with The Hollywood Reporter“There were also things that we invented because they needed to be invented to make the story really sing and be what it should be,” said Reims.

Katie Louise, who played Williams on the series, previously said,[The Rachel character is] satisfies people. She is young, naive, and has a privileged life. I don’t think this necessarily applies to Rachel Williams in real life; I think that goes for the character that Shonda wrote and what Shonda needed to be the character on the show.”

Plus, while the Netflix series is based on Jessica Pressler’s New York Magazine I wrote an article called “How an Ambitious Girl Deceived New York Party Members” own piece Vanity Fair And publish the book My Girlfriend Anna: The True Story of a False Heiress. Williams later signed a deal with HBO to acquire the rights to her works.

Rufus Isaacs says in a statement to Limit. “The devastating damage to her reputation could have been avoided had Netflix used a fictitious name and different details. Why didn’t they do it for her, when they did it with so many other characters in the series? Perhaps it was because she chose to play for the other team, ie HBO.”

In a statement to THRWilliams says, “Netflix intentionally used my real name and real aspects of my life to create a completely false and defamatory description of me. Truth matters and portraying real people requires real responsibility. I am filing this lawsuit to hold Netflix accountable for its willful recklessness.”

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