Netflix subscribers who still pay their monthly fees through the App Store's in-app purchase system will soon need to add a new payment method to keep their accounts active, Netflix is ​​telling customers.

Although Netflix stopped letting customers subscribe to the streaming service on iOS devices in 2018, it allowed customers who already subscribed this way to continue using in-app purchases to pay. However, payment through Apple's platform is scheduled to stop, because Netflix does not want to continue paying Apple a 15 percent cut of this subscription fee.

As he pointed out 9to5MacNetflix's US support site now says that customers in “some” countries will need to add a new payment method. It's not clear which countries Netflix's new policy applies to, but since it has been added to the US site, it will likely apply to US customers.

Some members billed by Apple in select countries may be required to add a new payment method to continue their subscription.

There's no information on how many Netflix subscribers still pay through in-app purchases since it's been nearly six years since Netflix removed that option. Since 2018, Netflix has required customers with Apple devices to sign up for a new Netflix subscription on the Netflix website. There's no option to sign up through the Netflix app on iPhone or iPad, and those devices open to a sign-in screen.

When Netflix first removed the option to pay through the ‌App Store‌, it said that customers who paid for subscriptions through in-app purchases could continue using that billing method until their accounts were cancelled, but it appears Netflix has run out of patience.

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to update: Netflix clarified that the changes affect Basic plan members in some countries including the US and Canada, and do not affect all Netflix users.

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