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| January 17, 2019

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New Art Gallery Moves into Brighton Imperial Arcade

New Art Gallery Moves into Brighton Imperial Arcade
Marc Kis
  • On March 21, 2016

A new art space has been set up by an art collective in Brighton, called ‘Random Art’.

The space has been set up in the previously occupied, well-loved, forty-five-year-old Forfars bakery inside the Imperial Arcade – opposite the popular Churchill Square shopping destination.


The new art gallery being set up.  Photo from here.

A facebook event appeared yesterday, inviting people to the new gallery with the opening of its first free exhibition – a screening of a surrealist film entitled ‘What Makes Us Human’ by local filmmaker William Ranieri, the event starting on the 25th March with two projections planned for 8pm and 9pm respectively.

We asked Ranieri who came up with the idea of creating the new gallery, but he told us the founder was known only as ‘Robert’, and that Robert’s a “secretive man.”


Measurements being taken.  Photo from here.

When we asked Ranieri what audiences should expect from the screening of his latest film, he replied, “a glass of bubbly, and twenty-four minutes of insanity.”

The opening night promises, according to its facebook page and digital poster, a Q&A session with Ranieri, the cast of the new film, and the art collective that has set up the new gallery.

They’ve also just released their twitter and instagram handles.




Feature photo from here.


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