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| January 21, 2019

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Good News! New Name and New Attractions for Brighton Palace Pier

Good News! New Name and New Attractions for Brighton Palace Pier
Sarah George

Three new attractions are just about to be unveiled on Brighton Palace Pier, where an exciting new name sign designed by Lucy Williams, the creator of the Open Market sign, will soon be erected.

Among the developments is the return of the much-missed Dolphin derby, which was dismantled in January after 26 years of service. The original game involving racing a mechanical dolphin got super-competitive and was fun for all ages, so here’s hoping the revamped version will be just as good.

Photo by Jonathan Brennan

The original dolphin derby. Photo by Jonathan Brennan

A children’s version of the i360 is also about to be revealed by pier bosses. Unlike its larger relative, its viewing pod will rotate during flights. Aptly dubbed the i-220, it will soar to heights of a massive 8 metres – terrific for tiny tots.


The i-220

The last of the attractions will be a new indoor play area which will replace the restaurant and gambling facilities inside the Dome located towards the end of the pier.

The Argus-backed campaign for a name change at the pier last summer proved to be a big success. Anne Martin, the general manager of Brighton Palace Pier, said: “We have always recognised and been grateful for the local support for the ‘Palace’ part of the name so we decided to make the change.

“However, we feel it is important to keep the Brighton part in there as it is so important particularly with overseas advertising.

“The sign is famous worldwide and is used in many countries not only to advertise the pier but also Brighton.

“We want to combine the two so we are going to call it Brighton Palace Pier.”

The iconic grade II listed structure was built as the Brighton Marine Palace and Pier during the 1890s and was known as the Palace Pier until 2000 when it was controversially rebranded Brighton Pier.

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