February 22, 2024

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NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Lions vs. Rams score predictions

NFL Playoffs Expert Picks: Lions vs. Rams score predictions

Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams Sunday night's showdown in the most anticipated Wild Card game of the weekend. Even putting aside all the Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford stories, these numbers are one of the most interesting matchups the NFL has to offer. They are two of the best and most famous offenses in the league, and two of the most respected coaches in the game.

Most people — including Lions fans — are expecting a very close game at Ford Field. Vegas' line for this game hovered around Lions -3 most of the week. This means you better mentally prepare for a tough game that could come down to the last possession. Cover nearby walls as needed.

Anyway, how does our staff feel about the Lions' first home playoff game in 30 years? Well, I think the best word for it is “confidence.” While most of us expect a slim margin for the match, we're all rooting for the home team here.

Check out our official Lions vs. Rams:

Brandon Knapp (15-2): 38-24 black
Ryan Matthews (13-4): 24-17 black
Alex Renault (13-4):Black wins
Jerry Mallory (12-4): 30-24 lion
Kelly Rowe (12-5): 31-30 lion
Mikko Scott (12-5): 27-20 lion
Jeremy Raisman (12-5): 30-28 lion (paper preview)
Morgan Cannon (11-6):34-28 black
Eric Schlitt (11-6):31-27 Al-Aswad (Keys of Victory)
Kyle Yost (11-6):35-31 black
Hamza Al-Bakoush (11-6): 29-27 black
John Whitcar (9-8):30-27 lion
Chris Burfitt (0-0-17): I just hope both teams have fun

You can see all of our picks for the Wild Card Weekend here.

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Now it's time to hear your choice! Vote in the poll below and scroll down to the comments section to share your score prediction.