April 23, 2024

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NFL Pre-Season Week Two Results, Highlights, Updates: WR Saints’ first round Chris Olaf scores in first TD career

NFL Pre-Season Week Two Results, Highlights, Updates: WR Saints' first round Chris Olaf scores in first TD career

The NFL pre-season is halfway through with week two, which is a “virtual rehearsal” for beginners to prepare for the start of the regular season — which is only three weeks away. For teams that don’t have a combined workout this week, week two of pre-season is crucial.

Saturday’s slate includes eight games, three of which are in the afternoon, four take place simultaneously in prime time, and the Cowboys and Chargers tie in the late window. The Broncos won’t play most of their rookie players in one of their first two games, but the Bills are set to give them – including Josh Allen – at least a little bit of a run. Andy Reed has indicated that the Chiefs’ players will play the first half of their game against the leaders, so we’ll see Patrick Mahomes and the new attack take the field again.

We’ll likely see at least some Trey Lance against the Vikings later in the day, but novices in San Francisco shouldn’t see that much action. Tom Brady remains absent from the pirate camp so he won’t appear in the match against the Titans, but we should take another look at Malik Willis. Dallas and Los Angeles are two of the strongest teams in terms of comfort early in the season, so we should expect this game to be a battle between players from the bottom of the roster fighting for places on the team or in the rotation.

Below, we unveil all the must-see highlights from Friday’s action, the main appetizer of the games’ main track this weekend.

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a program


bear 27, Seahawks 11 (takeaway meals)


Patriots 20, Panthers 10 (Takeaway)
Packs 20, Saints 10 (a summary)
Texans 24, Rams 20 (a summary)


Bronco in Invoices1 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
black in ponies1 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
leaders in heads4 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
Steelers in Jaguar7 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
Raiders in dolphins7 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
49ers in Vikings7 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
pirate in titans7 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
Cowboys in chargers10 p.m. ET (Gametracker)


the Eagles in Brown1 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
Bengals in giants7 p.m. ET (Gametracker)
crows in basics8 p.m. ET (Gametracker)


hawks in Planes8 p.m. ET (Gametracker)

Night fishing!

The Houston Texans made their start in the first half of this pre-season competition against the Los Angeles Rams, and were able to lead 7-6 in the first half thanks to this precise capture by Nico Collins in the end zone. Collins just went up to Derion Kendrick for the ball and came out with the score.

Collins will play a role in the Texas attack in 2022. A play like this will make him more targets.

What makes this landing at Ettling special? The play happened During an interview with Aaron Rodgers On Broadcast Packers. Rodgers’ excitement by Ettling’s scoring makes this play even more exciting.

Jordan love run

Love appeared part of the NFL quarterback on Friday night, finishing with 113 yards and a touchdown pass. He also showed off his running ability with this 11-yard run for the first time.

Chris Olaf scores his first touchdown

Olave gives Saints fans a preview of what will happen when he lines up alongside Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry this fall. Round one tied Ian Book at 20 yards with 12 seconds left in the first half – his first time wearing a Saints uniform.

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Olaf had hit once for four yards last week, but he got two in the first half of this.

Patriots quarterback Billy Zappy made a dangerous throw roll to his left, and Hayes read the pass to take the ball the other way and hook the match. Zappe wasn’t sharp on his second visit of the season, in which Matt Patricia invited the plays.

Romeo Dobbs landing

There is a place for Doubs to earn shots with the first team this year, and this catch from Jordan Love shows why. The Doubs came in with that impressive reception from four yards over Brian Allen to lift the Packers, 10-3, over the Saints in the second quarter. Love began to show confidence in the rookie in the fourth round.

59 yards field goal by Will Lutz

Lutz missed the entire year of 2021 with a major muscle injury, as the Saints lost his reliability in the kicking department. He definitely looked like his old self with this 59-yard field goal to close out the first quarter.

Only 13 of his 23 over-50-yard field goals in his career, Lutz hitting this kick is very encouraging.

Romeo Dobbs makes his case to move up in the depth chart

Doubs was one of the widely criticized Packers players that Aaron Rodgers criticized during the week, so he was in the spotlight with the second-team players participating in the majority of this match. Capturing 17 yards into the opening drive in Jordan’s love throw makes a strong impression, even if Doubs failed to get a third pass earlier.

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No longer a Saints quarterback, Hill has shifted his focus to the narrow end of the 2022 season. No. 2 on the tight end in New Orleans, Hill made an early impact by capturing a 10-yard pass from Ian Book. Hill adds an extra dimension to Saints offense in his new role, and he can still play a wide receiver and run backwards in short-range situations.

The Patriots averaged just 1.9 yards per game in the first quarter with just 21 yards of attack, but Nelson Agulor changed that with this 45-yard catch on a fine throw from Mc Jones. Whether you’re against the second team’s defense or not, that’s what Patriots fans want to see from their new look.

New England scored a goal – two yards from Ty Montgomery – three times later.