February 4, 2023

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Nintendo Life’s Alternative Game Awards 2022

The best 3D game

winner: fragrant story

win just because Just The 3DS game released this year that we reviewed, Fragrant Story deserves a look-alike. It’s a weird little strategy RPG that made waves by being the last 3D game released in North America, and while it’s not the best strategy RPG we’ve ever played, it’s worth a bet as a curiosity more than anything else.

Second place: Toss…hmm. Why not head to the 3DS eShop? Download some winners other than 2022 Before becoming unbuyable in March?

Best soundtrack

winner: Necktie

This is tossing between Xenoblade Chronicles 3And the Neon WhiteAnd the Splatoon 3And the TMNT: Shredder’s RevengeAnd the Pokemon scarlet and violetAnd the signalisAnd the KirbyAnd the acoustic boundariesAnd the Aries cultAnd the Bayonetta 3And oh my god, about 50 more games.

It’s been a good year for vidgame music. Let’s share just a few highlights:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Pokemon scarlet and violet

Neon White


Kirby and the Forgotten Land

acoustic boundaries

The Frog Fractions Award for “Best Bait and Switch Game”

winner: Necktie

Oooh, isn’t it Love her When a game pretends to be one thing and then pulls the rug out from under you? We do, which is why we created this award.

This year, the award was split into three pieces, with each third going equally encryptionAnd the JacketAnd the Aomori. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you Why These games are winners, if only because they are. wink.

Best Game for “No Ideas, Empty Head”

winner: Dorfromantik

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The Switch has always been a great place for games to let loose, and 2022 has been a great year, too.

Our final winner is Dorfromantik, which is a wonderfully cute game about building miniature models of the countryside. You just can’t feelings Pressure seeping from your bones?

Runner-up: slightly to the leftAnd the Disney Dreamlight ValleyAnd the RailroadAnd the Dragon Quest Treasures

I can’t breathe. Turn the page to find our picks for the best Doom Clone game, Switch-Long-Winded title, and ‘It’s About Bloody Time’ award…