June 22, 2024

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Oppenheimer’s cinematographer says big movies belong on the big screen, not Netflix

Oppenheimer’s cinematographer says big movies belong on the big screen, not Netflix


Cinematographer Oppenheimer.

Netflix CEO is wrong!!!

Big movies are for big screens

Famous cinematographer Hoyt van Hoytema He disagrees with the Netflix CEO Ted SarandosA position that movies can be fully enjoyed on a streaming device/phone in the same way they are viewed on the big screen.

ICYMI, Ted faced ridicule online for saying his son watched the 1962 classic Lawrence of Arabia on his phone, and also singled out last year’s Oppenheimer, for which Hoyt won an Oscar, as a film that can be enjoyed off-world. Big screen.

Hoyt explains to TMZ… Although he has no ill will toward Ted, he believes the pocket-sized screen doesn’t hold a candle to the traditional theatrical experience.

It’s about the special magic of watching a movie in the cinema because the experience is expertly curated by filmmakers and artists. By contrast, he believes that watching movies on platforms like Netflix feels like it’s at the whim of the streamer.

The subject matter hits close to Hewitt’s heart – he tells us that he pours his soul into creating cinematic moments on the big screen…and the people who think they’re better off watching his films on a small portable device, sacrificing accuracy and color depth, disrespect his hard work.

However, he’s not trying to sound hypocritical because he’s also watched movies on a mobile device — admitting that it’s not his place to dictate how people should watch movies.

Sarandos said The New York Times Hoyte’s “Oppenheimer” and its competing same-day release “Barbie” would have been just as big had they been released on Netflix.

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