April 13, 2024

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Overwatch 2 fans have already embraced its new non-binary hero

Overwatch 2 fans have already embraced its new non-binary hero

Project concept art.

picture: Blizzard Entertainment

Monitoring 2's Season 9 is almost over, and when Season 10 begins on April 16, the hero shooter will be getting some important changes.All of its heroes will no longer be locked behind the battle lane The game will get a new store dedicated to it Legendary skins Just. but Monitoring 2 He also gets a new damage champion Take risks, a pessimistic, digging-based, non-binary personality who can burrow herself underground and come back breathing directly onto the target. While we just saw Concept shots For personality at work, Observation and control The community really embraces them and makes inside jokes about them that spread through the fandom like wildfire. Before Venture accompanied a payload or helped push a barrier, they were considered rock-eaters.

The joke started innocently enough. some Fans took notice The project Chipped teeth In their artistic concept, and then they came to the logical conclusion that they broke it over something. Since their entire set and design was based on digging and drilling, players came up with the ridiculous idea that they were eating rocks. Once the proposal is submitted, Observation and monitoring Fans should work to parlay the idea into great art and jokes.

While Venture is likely too close to launch for the Blizzard team to implement the joke into pre-game banter, Monitoring 2 Developers past and present have supported this collective law.

The project location is in Al-Shamila Observation and control The world is unclear at this point, but game director Aaron Keller says And he declared The team plans to release more about their lore in the future in a way that's “very different from the stuff that is.” [Blizzard has] It's been done before.” Whatever it is Observation and control It looks like the story is moving forward, and it's going to have a lot of heavy lifting to do now that Blizzard has done it She reportedly canceled planned story missions.

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