March 4, 2024

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Palworld datamine reveals Pal who looks like Mewtwo as the Pokemon knockoff saga continues

Palworld datamine reveals Pal who looks like Mewtwo as the Pokemon knockoff saga continues
Brad Norton

A Palworld column appears to have revealed a Pal strikingly similar in appearance to Mewtwo from the Pokemon series, reigniting the discourse once again as accusations of copying spread.

Long before Palworld became the cultural phenomenon it is now in 2024, it was labeled as “Pokémon with guns.” Although the Early Access structure we have today bears more resemblance to survival games like Ark in its structure, Pals itself has been subject to a great deal of scrutiny.

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With dozens of designs resembling those in the Pokemon series, the controversy has been rife, so much so that the Pokemon Company itself came out just a few days ago.

Now, as the record-breaking bestseller seeks to maintain its momentum, many are looking forward to what's to come. According to a supposed datamin, there could be eerily similar friends in the next turn.

Pokemon YouTuber Lotto He was among the first to share the Palworld design taken from the game's code. Eurogamer was able to speak up With original leaker Brian Cozzens who found this design by chance while Assembling 3D models Found throughout the game.

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In this case, the Dark Mutant's friend is called into question, as the Datamen discover a creature that bears a striking resemblance to Mewtwo. From the pointy ears to the three fingers and toes, Pal's design is undoubtedly inspired by the popular Pokemon.

After social media caught fire over the aforementioned resemblance, Lewtwo shared the photo, saying “You can't be a serious man.” Three million impressions later, the ongoing controversy has now become another hot topic of discussion.

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“This man is crazy [because] Pokemon hasn't done a game this good since Black & White 2, and “the competition is good”, “it looks a lot better than Mewtwo”, and “this is just so blatantly plagiarised”, with the gamut of opinions being offered in the responses.

While Palworld's developers have clearly responded to accusations of Pokemon copycats, millions of players are still debating. Now, with the game on The Pokemon Company's radar, it may only be a matter of time before legal action is taken.

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For now though, the game continues to thrive with rapid sales and massive viewership across streaming platforms. Whether or not this Mewtwo-esque Pal will make its way into the full game and help maintain momentum is anyone's guess at the moment.