February 24, 2024

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Pantone 2024 Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz: NPR

Pantone 2024 Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz: NPR

The influential color consulting firm has already set the tone for next year: Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz.


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The influential color consulting firm has already set the tone for next year: Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz.


The global authority on color has spoken: 2024 is the year of “Peach Fuzz.”

The Pantone Color Institute named its Color of the Year on Thursday, declaring our need for empathy and human connection in the coming year.

According to influential color consultancies, just one shade can achieve this front: Pantone describes pink-orange as gentle, warm, comforting, subtly sensual and heartfelt.

Peach Fuzz, a “velvety peach tone” meant to represent “our desire to care for ourselves and others” and whose “holistic spirit enriches mind, body and spirit.”

“In our quest for a color that reflects our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a color that radiates warmth and modern elegance,” said Liatrice. “A color that resonates with compassion, provides a tactile embrace, and effortlessly connects youth and eternity.” Eisman, CEO of Pantone, said in a press release.

To choose the color that will set the tone for the coming year, Pantone is considered Emerging trends in a wide range of industries. Experts comb the entertainment and film industry on production, new artists, fashion, all areas of design, aspirational travel destinations, new lifestyles, socio-economic conditions and other influences.

“Influences may also stem from new technologies, materials, textures and effects that influence color, related social media platforms, and even upcoming sporting events that attract global attention,” the company said.

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This year’s Pantone Colors end up shaping product development and consumer decisions in fashion, industrial and interior design, product packaging and other areas of industry.

Pantone previously selected Viva Magenta for 2023 and Very Peri for 2022.

The company said that the new pink-orange color brings comfort, calm and beauty to the digital world. It is modern, while also referencing the past.

“In a time of upheaval in so many aspects of our lives, our need for care, empathy and compassion grows stronger as do our imaginings of a more peaceful future. We are reminded that a vital part of living a full life is having good health, stamina and strength to enjoy it.” The company’s vice president said Laurie Pressman. “We needed a color whose gentle lightness and fresh presence would lift us into the future,” Pressman added.

Many on social media agreed with the choice and described it as beautiful and refreshing. Others criticized the color as boring, out of touch and unattractive.

Some reviews found the peach to be reminiscent of an exaggerated vintage hue. “The color reminds me of all the 90s home decor colors,” one Instagram comment read.

“The world isn’t so peachy and fuzzy anymore. Too bad,” another person wrote.

One sarcastic critic described peach as “a very democratic shade considering it doesn’t look good on anyone.”

Reactions to the announcement revealed that many people were anticipating, even cheering for, a year of green.

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“At least it coordinates with deep green or steel green, but people seem to need the hope, regrowth and resilience that comes with a green year,” one user wrote.