May 22, 2024

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Pedro Sánchez decides to continue as head of government: “I have decided to continue with more force if possible”

Pedro Sánchez decides to continue as head of government: “I have decided to continue with more force if possible”
Pedro Sánchez's decision, live
Pedro Sánchez decided to continue leading the government.

The head of government has announced his decision to continue as head of the administration in a company announcement with no questions from Monglo. “I have decided to continue, if possible, as strong as possible at the head of the Spanish government. “This decision is not a continuation point, it is a full stop.” Pedro Sanchez It has finally revealed its decision after keeping Spain in suspense for five days, a decision “affected” by the demobilization of recent days.

Sánchez emphasized the PSOE's catharsis last Saturday, when leaders and militants gathered at the doors of the Socialists' headquarters to beg Sánchez to stay. “Calling for unconditional resistance means focusing on the victims, not the aggressors. This smear campaign will not stop. We can do it with her. More importantly, we want to thank the expressions of solidarity received from all quarters. Thanks to the social mobilization that influenced my decision,” said the general secretary of the PSOE.

“I decide to continue with more force if possible. This is not about the fate of a particular leader. It is about deciding what kind of society we want to be. Our country needs this reflection. “We have allowed mud to pollute our public life for too long,” he said. A new script In turn, Sánchez called to “protect democracy”: “I ask Spanish society again as an example. The evils that beset us are part of a global movement. Let us show the world how democracy is protected.”

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Last Wednesday, after learning that a Madrid court was opening proceedings against his wife, Pecona Gomes, the President wrote and circulated an “addressed letter to the citizens”, calling for a reflection on the vigor of the opposition and its political forms and media and judicial apparatus, expecting to be given until this Monday to announce his continuation or resignation. Before the Govt. Sanchez kept the secret until the moment he appeared, even among some of his closest collaborators, so that he and no one else, the leaker, would break the news.

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