February 26, 2024

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People had to help put out the fire after two hotels caught fire in the city of Cancun

People had to help put out the fire after two hotels caught fire in the city of Cancun

Two hotels on the island In Holbox, Cancun, The cause of their fire last night is still under investigation. At this time, only one young man has been recorded with minor injuries.

Footage of the accident went viral on social media and among local residents They protested that the island did not have one, so the fire brigade had to come from another municipality.. It is reported that the fire has been extinguished today with the help of the neighbors.

Governor Mara Lesama confirmed yesterday that hotels Tortugas and Mawimbi were affected by the fire and that medical personnel had attended to the injured person.

“Regarding the fire at Holbox, I have a report of a young man injured, already receiving treatment and not seriously. @GobQuintanaRoo has provided all resources to address the situation. The fire is under control, the fire is choking,” the official wrote from his Twitter account.

Additionally, he assured that “tourists and citizens” are “safe” and that reports of alleged robberies are “false”.

Fire at two hotels on Holbox Island

This morning, from the municipal government’s social networks, they reported that the fire in two hotels had already been extinguished.

Faced with various expressions of anger on social media by residents of the area who claimed the island had no fire department, Lesama said the fire was already being extinguished by 12pm Mexico time. “The fire is controlled, the fire is extinguished,” he said through his social networks.

Fire at two hotels on Holbox Island

According to local media reports Universal, a gas tank explosion may have caused the fire. In addition, as can be seen in the videos uploaded on social networks, those who initially helped control the fire promised that the same neighbors had buckets, hoses and water hoses.

Fire destroys hotels on Holbox Island, Cancuncatch

The media reported that the fire department’s base was in Kantunilkin, Siquila town, so they had to cross the island.

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