April 1, 2023

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Pete Carroll: Drew Luke could have been the first quarterback selected in this year’s draft

NFL: APR 26 2019 NFL Draft

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll believes Drew Lock He is better than any midfielder selected in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Carroll said on KJR Sports Radio that Luke – who went to the Broncos with the 42nd pick in the 2019 draft – would have been selected before Kenny Pickett was selected in the first round or any other midfielder in the 2022 draft.

“I think he was the first person to be picked, a quarterback anyway. He was the number one guy on this draft. I have no hesitation in saying that,” Carroll said.

Carroll said he is very impressed with the work Lock has done since arriving in Seattle as part of Russell Wilson trade.

“First look at Drew, he’s really athletic, he’s a really confident athlete, you can see he’s in control a lot of the body, he’s got fast feet, he’s got a quick arm, he’s got different ways he can shoot football like he does,” Carroll said. . He has a strong arm, he can throw the ball a mile into the field. Compared to GNU, and Jeno Smith He has a big arm. He has a world class arm, and all that. To match that, that says a lot.”

Carroll said he likes what he sees from Lock, Smith and Jacob Eason.

“All three of our guys have great arms,” ​​Carroll said. “They can tear the ball around the field. We spent a whole week seeing these guys there. They are really talented, they have a talented arm, so this one is there. They are big, sharp and they move really well.”

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Despite talk that the Seahawks will add another quarterback, Carroll appears content to head into 2022 with their quarterbacks.