February 24, 2024

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PFT Week 13 NFL Picks 2023 Florio vs. Sims

PFT Week 13 NFL Picks 2023 Florio vs. Sims

here we go again. Week 13. Thirteen games. The home stretch begins.

The race is still tight between Sims and me. In Week 12, they went 11-5 in a row. But Sims went on a 13-3 run, cutting the margin of victory to two games.

Sims also went on an 11-5 run, increasing his lead to five games.

Our picks for Week 13 appear below. We disagree on two games in a row, but seven against the difference.

Seahawks at Cowboys (-9)

The Cowboys are great at home, and they’re still chasing the Eagles. The Seahawks are drowning in quicksand.

Florio: Cowboys, 35-17.

Sims: Cowboys, 21-24.

Broncos at Texas (-3.5)

The Texans need to run the ball well enough to allow CJ Stroud to eventually make the difference.

Florio: Texas, 24-27.

Sims: Texas, 20-17.

Chargers (-5.5) at Patriots

Who plays as a quarterback for the Patriots? who cares? I finish.

Florio: Chargers, 20-17.

Sims: Chargers, 23-13.

Black (-4) in Saints

Both groups must wake up before it is too late.

Florio: Black, 27-20.

Sims: Black, 24-27.

Falcons (-2.5) at Jets

Is there a hiccup in Aaron Rodgers’ return to training? Maybe there is.

Florio: Airplanes, 14-17.

Sims: Falcons, 20-10.

Cardinals at Steelers (-5.5)

They won’t need to play The rebel In the fourth quarter of this one.

Florio: Steelers, 20-10.

Sims: Steelers, 24-14.

Colts (-1) at Titans

Shane Steichen’s case as coach of the year is getting stronger.

Florio: Colts, 21-17.

Sims: Colts, 23-20.

Dolphins (-9.5) are on the leaders

Miami continues to beat teams when it should.

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Florio: Dolphins, 42-17.

Sims: Dolphins, 31-17.

Panthers at Buccaneers (-5)

Ejecting Frank Reich won’t stop David Tepper from screaming “F” bombs after the game.

Florio: Buccaneers 21-10.

Sims: Pirates, 17-14.

Browns at Rams (-3.5)

Cleveland defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and Los Angeles quarterback Matthew Stafford meet. I give Schwartz the edge.

Florio: Browns, 20-17.

Sims: Rams, 20-13.

49ers (-3) at Eagles

The 49ers will beat the Eagles. Can the 49ers outscore them?

Florio: 49ers, 25-24.

Sims: 49ers, 24-20.

Chiefs (-6) at Packers

Patrick Mahomes is making the most of his first game at Lambeau Field.

Florio: Chiefs, 31-24.

Sims: Chiefs, 20-23.

Bengals at Jaguars (-9)

In their loss to the 49ers, the Jaguars saw what they needed to do to get to the next level.

Florio: Jaguars, 24-10.

Sims: Jaguars, 28-17.