February 24, 2024

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PFT Week 14 NFL Picks 2023 Florio vs. Sims

PFT Week 14 NFL Picks 2023 Florio vs. Sims

Lots of progress in seven games.

Sims caught me. Straight up, we’re both 120-73, with five weeks to go.

In the face of proliferation, it’s time to throw in the damn towel.

There are 15 matches this week. We disagree on two of them. All selections are shown below.

Patriots at Steelers (-6)

To borrow a phrase Al Michaels used last year, sometimes the game is so bad, it’s good.

Florio: Steelers, 13-3.

Simms: Steelers 17-9.

Pirates at Falcons (-1)

The Falcons are one step closer to winning the division.

Florio: Falcons, 20-17.

Sims: Falcons, 20-17.

Rams at Ravens (-7)

Weather can be a problem. Either way, Lamar Jackson is getting his MVP journey back on track, after the bye.

Florio: Crows, 17-13.

Sims: Ravens, 27-17.

Lions (-3.5) at Bears

Five years and one day after Jared Goff collapsed in Chicago, he had a chance at redemption.

Florio: Black, 21-24.

Sims: Bears, 23-21.

Colts (-1) at Bengals

Jake Browning plays Joe Burrow. (It helps to have a lot of talent.)

Florio: Bengals, 24-21.

Sims: Colts, 20-24.

Jaguars & Browns (-3.5)

Cleveland needs to turn things around after a disastrous road trip.

Florio: Browns, 20-16.

Sims: Brown, 20-16.

Panthers at Saints (-5)

Injuries complicate the quarterback situation for the Saints, but they should be able to get a win.

Florio: Saints, 10-24.

Sims: Saints, 21-13.

Texas (-3.5) in Jets

The door closes forever for the 2023 Jets.

Florio: Texas, 24-17.

Sims: Texas, 23-13.

Vikings (-3) at Raiders

Justin Jefferson is back. Minnesota needs this to start their playoff run.

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Florio: Vikings, 24-13.

Sims: Vikings, 20-14.

Seahawks at 49ers (-10.5)

The 49ers are the best team in football, and it’s not even close.

Florio: 49ers, 31-20.

Sims: 49ers, 28-17.

Bills in Chiefs (-1.5)

The Jenga Tower returns to Buffalo.

Florio: Bills, 24-27.

Sims: Bills, 21-24.

Broncos at Chargers (-2.5)

Why would the Chargers prefer to win this award?

Florio: Broncos, 24-20.

Sims: Broncos, 23-20.

Eagles at Cowboys (-3.5)

Dallas gets its chance to catch the Eagles atop the NFC East.

Florio: Cowboys, 30-23.

Sims: Cowboys, 27-24.

Titans at Dolphins (-13)

With four of their last five games at home, Miami has a real shot at unseating the No. 1 seed.

Florio: Dolphins, 34-17.

Sims: Dolphins, 28-13.

Packers (-6.5) at Giants

The Packers continue to get better.

Florio: Packers, 23-20.

Sims: Packers, 24-10.