September 30, 2023

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Pictures from 2024 Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 2 have been leaked online

Pictures from 2024 Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 2 have been leaked online

Concept art for the upcoming 2024 Call of Duty game and Modern Warfare 2 has been leaked online.

As I spotted it ResetTwitter user RealityUK – although they have other accounts taken offline due to DMCA strikes – shared photos over the weekend, posting an entire thread of what appears to be screen-loading of the shooter they say It was discovered in the Warzone Mobile test files.

If true, they show that the upcoming multiplayer maps from Modern Warfare 2 will include a Grand Prix, an oil field, and a museum, as well as other maps called Codename: SABA and Hydro.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Presentation of an advertisement for the gameplay in the world.

Other map sites without pictures seem to be called Esports Gym, Exhume, Fallout, Favela – from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, perhaps? – Shooting Range, Floating Bay, Kill House, Lighthouse, Luxury, Mountain Town, and Narcos.

The user also shared two screenshots taken from “A HAHAHA Upcoming Treyarch Game”, too: one called Stealth – featuring flames, a familiar looking plane, and a raised American flag – and another called Pillage, which looks like it could be a really fancy place if it weren’t for the holeshot Giant in the wall.

“Unfortunately, not every map has a loading screen at this time. So, I’ll post when I add it,” tweeter explained. “There is still more to come, but not as much as expected.”

As part of its ongoing war against cheaters, the team behind Call of Duty’s kernel-level anti-cheating solution known as Ricochet, has revealed a new mitigation technology. Takes a player’s weapons (and grabs them) away when the system identifies them as a cheat.

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Damage shield, Richochite’s first major mitigation technology, is mainly powered by Turn on God mode For all legitimate players when a cheater is detected in a match. blocking, meanwhile, make it impossible To detect cheaters to see opponents, bullets, or even hear voices.

Activision’s flagship title, Warzone, has recently become more ridiculous than usual With the advent of the movie The Terminator. Season 4 of Warzone gives you the option to play as the original T-800 or the hit, the T-1000.