July 22, 2024

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Pixel Fold, tablet gets a new set of metal wallpaper [Download]

Pixel Fold, tablet gets a new set of metal wallpaper [Download]

Google has rocked the “metallic” default wallpapers of the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, and a slightly different version of that set of wallpapers is now available on the Pixel Fold and tablet.

The Pixel Fold gets four square wallpapers divided between light and dark: Calcite and Sphalerite. This translates to how the foldable model is available in obsidian and porcelain. They are again portrayed by Andrew Zuckerman.

There are eight elements on the Pixel Tablet: Danburite, Ilvaite, Barite, and Dioptase. They are more colorful and available in widescreen variants.

Carved over thousands of years

The Pixel 8 series has 16 wallpapers in the same collection: Hematite (black), Selenite (tan), Fluorite (blue), Apophyllite (green), Fluorite (purple), Fluorite (green), Halite (coral), Barite (blue) . ).

On Pixel Tablet and Fold, today’s addition of the Minerals wallpaper completes the “Feathers” lineup, and follows Google’s addition of more existing Living Universe live wallpapers last month.

Despite the availability of emoji and AI wallpapers, Google will likely continue to set the defaults for each generation of Pixel, and has rolled out a number of new wallpapers in recent weeks.

More pixel wallpapers:

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