July 21, 2024

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Plastic surgeon tells what went wrong with Zac Efron’s face

Plastic surgeon tells what went wrong with Zac Efron’s face



He had always been stunned, but now his face caught attention for a different reason.

Zac Efron’s fans expressed their shock at his new look during Entertainment Weekly’The cover was photographed for “Iron claw“, his new film, will be released on December 22.

Celebrity facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk Efron believes – who has His changed appearance said This is due to after effects He broke his jaw in 2013 -You may have done other work.

He added: “Maybe he took the opportunity, in addition to correcting it, to do something better.”

“He may have had jaw advancements where his chin is pulled forward a little bit because his chin seems a little more prominent. Or a chin implant or a mandibular angle implant.” [in the lower jaw] Or all of the above.”

Rizk also pointed out a difference in Efron’s eyebrows.

Zac Efron said his changed appearance is due to a broken jaw, but plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk said the actor may have had modifications to his jaw as well.
© The Walt Disney Company/Courtesy Everett Collection
Zac Efron may have had surgery, according to plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk.
Image source: Frank Massey

“He always had a straight eyebrow, and now he has more of an arch,” he said. “His eyebrow is a little higher, which suggests he had some sort of brow lift or had Botox.”

He noted that this change gives him a more feminine look.

“We attribute the arch to the female eyebrow,” he said. “In general, a man’s eyelid does not have an angle in its arch.”

Rizk also noted the first star’s “plump” cheeks.

The star, pictured here in the 2016 comedy “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising,” now has fuller cheeks and arched eyebrows, Rizk said.
© Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

“Cheeks don’t get fuller as you get older,” he explained. “You lose volume in your cheeks as you get older. When he was younger he had flat cheeks.

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Although Efron is not believed to have received a cheek implant, he does believe he “most likely” had filler.

after EW posted video interviews With the 36-year-old lover On InstagramPeople immediately commented on his appearance, which had changed dramatically.

“Devastated. Fillers and Botox make him look like he’s 59 . . . He was so beautiful,” @curtisjunk lamented.

“It must have been the plastic surgeon who did this to him [in] “Prison,” @memememe_andme added.

Fans have commented on Efron’s changing face in video interviews for “The Iron Claw,” in which he plays a world heavyweight champion in professional wrestling.
Getty Images for A24

Others have compared him to villainous movie characters, a stark difference from the boyish, fresh-faced characters he played in films like High School Musical and 17 Again.

“I can see him being the joker,” bryanz212d wrote.

However, Efron’s true fans are indifferent.

“This man is as old as the finest wine,” @valkyrie_1331 gushed.

“Still as dreamy as the rolling stone poster I used to have,” @danielle_90xo added.

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