March 4, 2024

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Pokemon Go players are frustrated by one 'worthless' egg color.

Pokemon Go players are frustrated by one 'worthless' egg color.
Rory Teal

Pokemon Go players are upset about the Pokemon that hatch from a 12-kilometer egg, and are demanding that Niantic change the Pokemon that hatch from them.

Pokemon Go embodies the spirit of the classic Pokemon games, encouraging players to run around trying to be like Ash Ketchum and “I gotta catch 'em all!”

One way Niantic has tied into the goal of getting players up and moving in order to obtain rare Pokemon is through eggs, which can be obtained from Pokestops.

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There are different types of eggs, each of which requires a certain distance to travel before the Pokémon hatched inside are ready to enter the world (much like the classic games on Nintendo).

But players are tired of 12km eggs consuming their inventory, and are wondering if they're worth anything at all.

Pokemon Go players are upset about a 12-kilometre-long Pokemon egg

One Pokemon Go fan expressed his frustration, complaining about the presence of “worthless” eggs in the game: “Does anyone else feel that 12km eggs are almost worthless at this point?

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The original poster wasn't bothered by the 12km egg, claiming that they were able to hatch some “raid/PvP related” Pokemon. But now, as the game progresses through its lifecycle, they complain it's time for Niantic to make a change.

“I swear if I hatch another one of your useless sandals, panchams or bunards I'll go crazy. Niantic needs to change it up and put something new/rare to work for,” they said.

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Other players couldn't help but chime in and agree with the original poster but admitted they were drawn to the scarcity of red eggs.

“Yes, they're always rubbish. The eggs are very disappointing, but I'll keep chasing the red ones.”

For some fans of the mobile game, the Red Eggs team has been treating them well, with one player thrilled with his recent experience with the 12-kilometre egg: “I got a shiny bet a week or so ago. That was nice.”

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