March 4, 2024

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Pokemon Go players divided over 'lackluster' Chansey community day

Pokemon Go players divided over 'lackluster' Chansey community day
Jessica Philby

Chansey Community Day divided the Pokemon Go community, with many calling the event particularly “lackluster” while others claimed it was ultimately a “successful event” for everyone.

Pokemon Go events have been and will always be a controversial experience for many players. Every time an event or community day is released, players flock to catch their beloved Pocket Monsters, with thousands hunting down Shiny's, Hundos, or a rare combination of both.

Unfortunately, Community Days don't always turn out the way Niantic had hoped, and that's the case with the latest Chansey event. Now, many players are criticizing the event, describing it as “lackluster” and “weak”. However, not all players are on the same page.

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Share their frustration On RedditOne Pokemon Go player asked the community: “Does anyone actually like Chancey Community Day?”

“I thought this Community Day was pretty lackluster,” the poster explained, going on to say that “Chansey brings nothing exciting when it comes to pulling off an event like Community Day because Pokemon aren't good at either PVP, Raids, or both.

Although the Community Day was relatively boring, the poster suggested how Niantic could have made the event feel less “lame”, explaining: “If it had been a double XP hunt it would have made it better because it would have been easier to land throws.” Excellent on it.

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The poster's ideas were certainly echoed by many in the community, but not everyone agreed. In fact, some found the opposite to be true, describing the event as “very successful” and stating that “the day was a win” and worth all the time they spent exploring.

“My husband and I spent 3 hours together. We each caught 14 shinies. I got to enjoy a beautiful winter day. Overall, today was a win,” one user commented, explaining how great the day was for their shiny catch, which is an essential aspect of most Community days.

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However, not all fans loved the day, with one highlighting how it “made me realize how great candy grinds and egg hatching were, and I wasn't even picking up Chansey, and the candy grubbin was so much more tempting.” Community Days are basic candy grind picks, and many use the time to hatch tons of eggs and capture as many of them as possible so they can level up any Shondo or Hondo they get – but that can sometimes feel like a grind, as it did for this player.

“I had a lot of fun today. I haven't enjoyed one this much in a while,” one user added, revealing how much fun they had at the event.

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While it may not have been for everyone, there is still a lot to be said for Chancey Community Day, and many fans are hoping that this will show a rise in the event and the popularity of Pokemon.

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