February 20, 2024

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Polls closed in Taiwan and a day of counting began without incident

Polls closed in Taiwan and a day of counting began without incident
He was elected President of Taiwan in the shadow of the threat of Chinese rule. (REUTERS/Ann Wang)

The Electoral colleges Taiwan's doors closed at 4:00 pm local time (08:00 GMT) this Saturday after a day of voting to elect the president and members of the legislature.

Presidential candidate William Loy is beginning to gain a certain advantage over his competitors In an election with slightly lower turnout than expected.

The 69.8 percent initially confirmed by Taiwan's election commission was a far cry from the 75 percent expected earlier in the day.Part of Taiwan's electoral system requires voters to vote at their registered address.

Lai Ching-te of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party has taken a clear lead in Taiwan's presidential election recount.It received 41.6 percent of the votes cast, according to the island's election officials.

With results in 60 percent of polling stations, Lai won by 33.2 percent over his closest rival, the opposition Kuomintang's Hou Yu-ih, according to Election Commission figures.

The 17,795 authorized centres They opened the doors at 8:00 am (00:00 GMT) and voting continued as normal, with the main candidates voting in the morning.

A few irregularities recorded during the day Taipei flight delayed Island bound RelativesLocated two kilometers from the mainland coast of China A protest of about a hundred passengers Those who wanted to travel to exercise their right to vote, local media reported United Daily News.

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Taiwan has a vote in personSo voters can vote only where they live.

17,795 authorized centers were opened at 8:00 am. (REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

After the schools closed, the authorities started it Vote countAnd the results are expected to be known overnight.

In these elections, more 19.5 million Taiwanese people They were invited to vote to choose one of three candidates for president: the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (PDP), the vice president Lai Singh-Te; Kuomintang (KMT) candidate, Huh Yu-ehand the “outsider” of the People's Party of Taiwan (PPT), Ko Wen-J.

According to surveys published as of January 2, Lie is the favorite with 35% supportHou, 28%, and Ko, another 24%.

“This is Taiwan's hard democracy. “We should all respect our democracy and vote with passion,” Lai told reporters as she cast her vote in a school gymnasium in the southern city. Tainan.

“No matter how turbulent it may be during the election process, I believe everyone will come together to face Taiwan's future after the election,” Hu said after voting in the city. New Taipei.

More than 19.5 million Taiwanese were invited to vote to choose one of three candidates for president. (REUTERS/Ann Wang)

The small difference between candidates, which adds up to a significant number of undecideds (12%), adds to the uncertainty surrounding elections determined by ties. Taiwan with China.

These elections were won by PDP candidate A Struggle between “Democracy” and “Autocracy”.The KMT candidate reiterated that only the victory of the opposition, which is more willing to engage in dialogue with Beijing, can avoid “war” with China.

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On this day, the Taiwanese also voted to renew 113 seats It is the Legislative Yuan (Parliament) where the ruling PDP currently has 63 members of parliament.

Located at the connecting main sea inlet South Sea with Pacific OceanTaiwan is home to a powerful manufacturing industry. Semiconductors It produces the microchips that are the lifeblood of the global economy, powering everything from smartphones to cars to missiles.

China has increased military pressure In recent years the island has periodically sparked concerns about a possible invasion.

China has increased military pressure on the island in recent years, periodically fueling concerns about a possible invasion. (REUTERS/Ann Wang)

President of China Xi Jinping, Taiwan's “unification” with China is “inevitable,” he said in a recent New Year's speech.

As voters on the other side of the strait cast their ballots, AFP journalists A fighter plane In the sky over Pingtan Island, China's closest point to the main island of Taiwan.

The hashtag “Taiwan Elections” is one of the top trends on the Chinese social media platform Weibo Before being blocked at around 9:45 am local time (0145 GMT).

Chinese warplanes and warships scan Taiwan's defenses almost daily and Beijing has held massive war games in recent years, simulating a siege of the island and launching missiles into surrounding waters.

(With information from EFE and AFP)