May 18, 2024

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Prince Andrew is ‘angry’ at being banned from wearing a velvet outfit to the coronation

Prince Andrew is ‘angry’ at being banned from wearing a velvet outfit to the coronation

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Fresh from the horror of his tone at his compulsion To move into a five bedroom maisonette The revelation comes that Prince Andrew is “furious” at his brother’s “disrespectful” decision to ban him from the velvet, flowing robes of a knighthood. in coronation.

Brewing row, I mentioned before woman, he recalls the confrontation between Andrew and members of the royal family at Prince Philip’s funeral, when Andrew sought out a vice-admiral’s uniform, apparently even going so far as to get a new one made by his tailor in London. He is still a vice admiral due to his service in the Royal Navy.

Andrew was stripped of his royal roles when the Virginia Giuffre affair unfolded, but he retained some military associations, as well as, strictly speaking, the right to wear a military uniform on state occasions.

However, the royal family, especially Charles, was not at all keen on doing so. On the occasion of Philip’s funeral, the Queen eventually intervened and ordered all royal men to wear morning suits covered in tails for the ceremony.

During the Queen’s funeral, Andrew also wore a black suit, while his brothers wore military uniforms.

Lucky Prince Andrew wouldn’t be made homeless by King Charles

The last row includes his position as a member of the Order of the Garter, an elite club of only 24 members, based on principles of chivalry, nominated by the King. It is made up of former prime ministers, senior royals and other influential people.

Andrew, who paid Giuffre a settlement but denied remembering ever meeting her, was not fired by his mother. However, members of the royal family sought not to highlight his continued membership. His attendance at Garter events has been an issue ever since – just last year he was pulled from a public parade of members at the last minute.

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Members of the Order wear extravagant headdresses topped with ostrich feathers, fox fur collars, and velvet robes flowing into the pantaloons on so-called “collar days”—significant dates in the royal calendar (of which the coronation is, of course, one).

now, woman He says, Charles is thinking of telling Andrew to wear a dark suit on his big day.

Their source said he was “left completely in the dark” about his role and the requirement to dress.

The royal insider said: “Andrew is furious. He’s already not playing a role and now feels disrespected and dictating something he’s completely entitled (to wear) to.”

Charles reportedly chose not to wear the traditional silk stockings and breeches to his coronation, and instead would wear military uniform.

woman Buckingham Palace has not commented.

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