February 28, 2024

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Prince Harry was ’embarrassed’ by his IKEA furniture after visiting Cambridge museum-like apartment 1A

Prince Harry was ’embarrassed’ by his IKEA furniture after visiting Cambridge museum-like apartment 1A

Prince Harry book It comes out tomorrow, January 10th, however Naturally Everything has already leaked out. And according to the daily MailHarry talks about this amazing time he and Meghan Markle visited Prince William and Kate Middleton in London Kensington Palace Apartment– It’s like a giant mansion.

“The wallpaper, the coffered ceiling, and the walnut bookshelves are full of volumes of muted color, priceless artwork,” Harry remembers. “Wonderful. Like a museum.” He adds that he and Meghan were slightly embarrassed by their IKEA furniture, saying, “We congratulated them on the renovation without holding back compliments while we were embarrassed by the IKEA lamps and used sofa we recently bought Meg for sale on sofa.com.”

Don’t worry, we’ve got interior photos of Kate and Will’s adorable home — which were photographed during a visit with the Obamas.

WPA Pool – Getty Images

Meanwhile, here’s Harry at home in Notts Cote — which is on the grounds of Kensington Palace, and where Prince William and Kate Middleton also lived:

Harry and Megan


Back in 2020, royal author Christopher Warwick He said that Kate and William’s home “has 20 rooms from basement to attic” and “it’s no small house.”

He explained, “All these royal residences in Kensington Palace are called apartments, which of course makes people immediately think they’re apartments like the American term for apartment. It’s not. If you think of Kensington Place, in a way, it’s built around three courtyards.” If you kind of think of them as great red brick houses. Because they’re all joined but separate houses.”

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Wells and Kate’s “apartment” is four storeys high, containing five “reception rooms”, nine “staff bedrooms”, an elevator, a gym, luggage rooms and multiple drawing rooms. Although they spend most of their time on these days Adelaide Cottage In Windsor, it is a four bedroom house.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan live in a Montecito mansion worth about $30 million. to me the sunThe Sussexes’ home was bought for $14.6m in June 2020, and has risen in value by £12m (or $14.9m) since then. I’m not sure where their sofas are, but it looks very nice!

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