June 25, 2024

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Prince William posts surprising video message with Princess Charlotte – dressed like mom Kate Middleton

Prince William posts surprising video message with Princess Charlotte - dressed like mom Kate Middleton

Royal family fans woke up to a fun surprise today when they found out that Prince William and Princess Charlotte made a new video together.

The Duke of Cambridge40, posted an Instagram video on the joint account he shares with his wife, Kate Middletonalso 40.

In the short clip, we get a file Profile of William and his only daughter, Princess CharlotteTo deliver a special message to the lionesses, the 7-year-old embraced England’s women’s soccer team, which faces Germany in the finals today.

“We both wish you good luck for the tournaments tonight,” William says in the video. “You’ve done amazingly well in competition, and we’re rooting for you along the way.”

a Very Mature Charlotte Then a ringing rang, “Good luck. I hope you win. Bye.” Oh, then she gave her autograph Charlotte wave. National Bank of Dubai.

This message – while surprising as we get a glimpse of the young king – shouldn’t come as much of a shock to those who follow the Duke’s social media accounts closely. William has Posted several times with personal messages For lionesses in the run-up to the final.

How did we know the message They were “personal” characters from the Duke and weren’t just written by his social media admins? because she appeared His unique signaturenaturally.

William and Charlotte’s interest in sports has been common knowledge for some time. After all, he is the president of the Football Association (FA) in England. He has held the position, which was held by his late grandfather Prince Philip, since 2006. When the Duke visited the lionesses in June, they gifted him three soccer jerseys with his children’s names on the back. When he saw Charlotte, he mentioned that she “The budding star of the futureShe said she wanted him to tell the team about it She’s a good goalkeeper.

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But Royal Eagle fans may also have noticed a nod to Charlotte’s mother, Kate, in the new video. Central Cambridge is seen wearing a polka-dotted outfit very similar to the uniform Middleton wore to Wimbledon this year.

In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge has huge worn polka dots eleven times In recent memory, making it clear that her favorite style. Charlotte clearly shares an affinity with polka dot fashion.

What a pleasure to see Charlotte follow in William and Kate’s footsteps on the same day.

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