Apple Vision Pro owners who forget the passcode they set will have to take the device to an Apple retail location to reset it, according to reports. BloombergMark Gorman. There appears to be no way on the device to reset the Vision Pro passcode if you forget it.

By default, Vision Pro requires a six-digit passcode when you set it up, which must be entered twice. Customers can choose a longer or shorter passcode. Optic ID can be used instead of a passcode, but it works like Face ID or Touch ID, and the passcode is required after a reboot and in certain other situations.

Apple has informed customers who have forgotten their Vision Pro passcodes that they will need to visit a retail store to fix the issue or will need to ship the headset to Apple if there is not a store nearby. As with Apple's iOS devices, an incorrect passcode cannot be entered multiple times or the device will be disabled, with a waiting period before the passcode can be entered again. Removing the passcode requires erasing all content on the Vision Pro.

You'll also need to erase your iPhone and iPad to get rid of the passcode, but it's a process that can be done at home using a Mac or PC. An Apple Watch that can't connect to a Mac or PC can be reset on the device itself using the Digital Crown or on a connected iPhone‌.

There's a content scanning setting in the Vision Pro, but there's no way to enter reset mode with a combination of button presses. Vision Pro scanning can only be done through the Settings app.

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Customers with the $300 Developer Band may be able to wipe the device from their Mac, but most users won't be able to get this accessory because it's limited to registered developers in the US.

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