June 1, 2023

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“Queen Elizabeth II didn’t see it either”: Feynman left Joni Viall speechless as she left the studio.

This Thursday, regular LN+ pass between Eduardo Feynman and Jonathan Vialedriver LN+ news broadcast He surprised a colleague with an unexpected comment that left him speechless and wanting to leave the study. It happened while they were talking Death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, And what he said Feynman Man is very unpredictable about the king’s life + Reality Express: “I don’t know if I can recover.”

“The topic of the day Queen Elizabeth II dies aged 96 after reigning for 70 years”, began Boss Field, which created a quick historical overview of all the events that took place during the monarch’s stay on the British throne. “Today we’re going through a list of things she’s seen as a queen and as a citizen with the guys on the radio,” he said. Field.

“He didn’t see that either”: Feynman left Johnny Field speechless as he left the studio.

Next, the journalist begins to describe the series of events that happened and happened in the last 70 years As Elizabeth II witnessed: “World War II, Hitler’s UN Birth of Peronism, the Cold War, the Cuban Revolution, the man landing on the moon, the Kennedy assassination, the French May, the Lennon assassination, the Malvinas war, the fall of the wall, the birth of the Internet, the fall of the Twin Towers, the pandemic, Russia’s war against Ukraine. Wonderful”.

“You forgot one thing”Then intervened Feynman. “Shall we see?” asked Viale innocently, to which his colleague replied: “He never saw Boca in B.”

After the driver’s surprised comment that LN+ news broadcastLaughter was heard in the studio and Field He got up from his seat and left the frame. After a while, the man + Reality Angered, he returned to his post, and Feynman added: “Well, what do I know. They’re things that happen. But put it, add it.”

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“You incite hatred,” he joked. Field, then lamented: “I left you itching like a pu…du”. “If you feel that way, it’s your problem,” bet the driver. LN+ news broadcast.

“What you did was despicable -Added Viale- And it’s good to remember, it’s left to TikTok. It also seems scripted.”

Finally, as if to close the topic, the host of +Realidad said: “What an annoyance this gives me. I don’t know if I can recover.” But Bass ended the moment with the two sharing a laugh.