June 23, 2024

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Rafael Nadal suffers a recurring foot injury ahead of the French Open

Rafael Nadal suffers a recurring foot injury ahead of the French Open
The Grand Slam champion 21 times He missed a large part of last season through injury and says he is still learning to live and play through the pain.
The Spaniard appeared to suffer greatly at the end of his last match on Thursday, as he fell to defeat Denis Shapovalov in the Italian Open.

“I’m a player who lives with an injury,” Nadal told reporters after the match. “It’s nothing new. It’s something that exists.”

“Unfortunately, my day job is hard, honestly. Even like this, I try so hard… It can be frustrating because many days I can’t train the right way.”

In early May, Nadal told the media after his dramatic last-16 victory over David Goffin at the Madrid Open that he had a “chronic, incurable injury”.

He continued, “When I play, my feet sometimes hurt. If you see me every day, you won’t worry. I always have pain in my feet, especially after playing a three-hour game or long training. I ended up walking a little badly.”

“But I have a chronic injury that has no cure. It’s part of my life, and that’s the downside of not being able to finish the match early. In the short term, I think I’m fine, physically, but also talking about my feet, you have to adapt to the competition.”

Training Through “Pain”

The 35-year-old made an impressive comeback from a long injury break last year to win the Australian Open in January, but said the problem with his foot was “tough”.

He confirmed that he would bring his doctor to the French Open in order to manage the injury as best as possible.

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“The first thing I have to do is not find it difficult to train,” added Nadal, who had just returned from a rib injury he suffered at Indian Wells in March.

“It is true that during the French Open, Roland Garros, I will take my doctor with me there. Sometimes it helps because you can do things.

“On positive days and on negative days, you need to stay put and appreciate all the things that have happened to me in a positive way.”

Roland Garros is scheduled to go live between May 22 and June 5.