July 19, 2024

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Random: After completing 100% of Zelda: TOTK, the player sets out to collect all the rocks.

Random: After completing 100% of Zelda: TOTK, the player sets out to collect all the rocks.
Image: Nintendo

It’s been almost a year since The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom came out on Switch, and for many of us, the adventure is over. Sure, we might head to Hyrule to finish a couple of quests, do some more exploring, or just get lost in the wonder of it all, but overall, we’re done.

The same cannot be said for speedrunners and content creators. SmallantAfter he announced that he had I reached the holy completion rate of 100% In the first two weeks of the game’s release, you might think that the streaming service would also be finishing up Link’s latest adventure. But you’d be wrong.

In a recent livestream, SmallAnt set out on a quest to collect every unique rock in the game. Yes, you read that right. Not only did SmallAnt collect Korok Seeds, named locations, side quests, shrines, and other categories required to complete the game 100%, he also collected rocks (thanks, Radar games).

If it sounds like a joke, that’s because it is — the streamer got the idea to start the fundraiser from a commenter who claimed to have finished the game very quickly. But that doesn’t mean SmallAnt didn’t put in a lot of effort.

As you will see in the following video, the SmallAnt group had to include: Every rock is unique. (including Talus hearts, falling Sky Island pieces, and rocks) and they had to come from All over HyrlThanks to the magic of environment elements disappearing when Link was too far away from them, SmallAnt had to carry the entire set with him at all times (whether it was by combining them with weapons or on a giant “Bouldermobile”) to ensure his work didn’t go to waste.

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But don’t worry, the rock collection has been compared to a spreadsheet of every object in the game, so we know that not a stone has been left unturned… literally.

We won’t go into the details of how SmallAnt managed to complete this challenge – although the title of his video is “I Collected Every Rock in Tears of the Kingdom”, so you should have an idea of ​​how well he did – but prepare to learn more about the geological structure of Hyrule than you ever thought you’d learn.