June 1, 2023

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Random: Something’s missing from the Mario movie poster, and the internet has noticed it

Random: Something's missing from the Mario movie poster, and the internet has noticed it
What? We’re just studying the cool denim details, everything – Photo: Nintendo

Nintendo announced that within two days (6 October) We will deal with someone Official Nintendo Direct Which will be about all things related Super Mario Bros movie (We’re assuming that’s the title now, right?) On top of this exciting news, we got our first look at the movie’s initial poster, which shows Mario and the entire lotta Toads standing in front of Illumination’s on the Mushroom Kingdom.

While there are a number of details and Easter eggs that have already made us form in-depth theories, there is one notable absence from the poster that has sparked internet outrage: Where are the peaches? And we’re not talking about Princess Toadstool – what a foolish suggestion! – Oh no.

That’s right, we (and apparently, a whole bunch of you too) could have sworn that Mario used to be a little more good approximation in the back section. You can’t expect us to believe that all that jumping and countless ground pounds can make you as flat as Whomp? Where’s Mario’s ass?

In a press run that got us wondering how this happened, we compared the current Mario design to a 3D catalog, er, backlit, and while the results may not be entirely conclusive, arguably some drop is happening here:

Fortunately, we’re not just frantically zooming in on previous photos of Mario to prove that the chubby plumber was definitely using it to hit the squat racks. Ever the people voted, Twitter was also fraught with the issue of the missing butt — the call for #GiveMarioHisBootyBack has never been stronger:

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Taking a moment to undo the shock caused by the butt, both of them Tweet embed And the Tweet embed Took the time to get Mario out a bit:

See, as arvalis rightly says, Sonic got a complete redesign right after the trailer fell due to outrage online, and the same might happen again if enough people are behind (sorry) that reason. Hopefully, a reasonable explanation will be offered in this week’s trailer, although we somehow doubt that it will.

What do you think of Mario’s design without a back? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!