September 27, 2023

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Rapper Blueface has been stabbed by a stranger while training at a gym in Los Angeles

Rapper Blueface has been stabbed by a stranger while training at a gym in Los Angeles


August 23, 2023 | 10:17 p.m

The Blueface rapper was stabbed in the leg by a stranger while training at a boxing gym in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning in preparation for his upcoming bout.

The 26-year-old artist, whose real name is Jonathan Porter, was taken to hospital, where he is recovering from the attack, which took place at 10:30 am at the Kaminski boxing gym in Reseda, The Los Angeles Times reported.

And later Wednesday, rapper Thotiana. Clear surveillance footage posted of the confrontation on his Instagram story.

He wrote in the caption that he will no longer be able to participate in his fight, scheduled for October 14, because he was “stabbed by a random person.”

Los Angeles police confirmed to the newspaper that a man was taken to a local hospital with a stab wound while he was conscious and breathing, but declined to identify the victim as Blueface.

Police said the suspect fled the scene in a black Tesla Model S without license plates.

The man broke into Kaminski’s boxing gym around 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday and stabbed the rapper, Blueface.
Coach David Kaminsky intervened between the man and the Blueface before the rapper punched him.

The video posted by Blueface shows an agitated man in a white jacket and jeans t-shirt approaching the rapper, who is wearing boxing gloves and a chest protector, but another man β€” identified by TMZ as trainer David Kaminsky β€” steps in between them. A dog can also be seen running in the background.

The two can be seen going back and forth before Blueface circles Kaminsky and punches the suspect in the face with his strong right. The video shows him hitting him with several more punches.

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The man backs away and appears to pull a knife from his pocket. The footage was cut prior to the alleged stabbing.

Blouvis, 26, said he was forced to call off his fight on Oct. 14.
Police said the man fled in a black Tesla.

“He keeps approaching me with a look in his eye. I know that look,” Blouvis recounts from another angle of the ruckus.

He posted another clip showing his bloody bandages, and asked his fans not to worry.

β€œIt’s just a bullet in my leg guys, I’m fine. You shouldn’t have blown up my phone or nothing,” he said.

Kamensky TMZ said That deranged man broke into a gym and yelled “I’m going to kill you” at Blueface.

No arrests have been made.

Police said the rapper is separately facing attempted murder charges in Nevada in connection with shootings near Las Vegas Boulevard and Sunset Road in October 2022.

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