July 13, 2024

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Rapper Julio Foglio’s lawyer said he was shot and killed in Florida

Rapper Julio Foglio’s lawyer said he was shot and killed in Florida

Image source, julio_foolio/Instagram

  • author, James Fitzgerald
  • Role, BBC News

Florida rapper Julio Folio was killed in a shooting in Tampa, his attorney said.

Police said four people were shot in the hotel parking lot early Sunday. One person believed to be Folio died awaiting medical examination.

The 26-year-old victim, whose legal name is Charles Jones, was identified in a statement issued by a law firm representing him.

Folio was celebrating his birthday when the accident occurred, attorney Luis Fusco said.

Fusco said in a statement carried by CBS News, the BBC’s US partner, that the musician was “ambushed” in the hotel parking lot.

He was forced to move after authorities asked him to leave an Airbnb property when he and his guests exceeded occupancy limits.

The rapper was posting material on his Instagram account about the celebrations, writing that the police “shut us down.”

Police said two cars were hit in the shooting, which occurred around 04:40 EST (09:40 GMT). The other three injured people were taken to the hospital, where their condition was described as stable.

Foolio has nearly 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, where his most played song is Voo Doo.

Last April, he wrote in a post on Instagram that the last months had been “tragic,” referring to “multiple attempts on his life.”

He is said to have been open about his gang affiliations, according to local media.