July 14, 2024

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Recalling Homer Aaron Judge No. 61 was ‘easy’

Recalling Homer Aaron Judge No. 61 was ‘easy’

Toronto – Aaron Judge Send a piece of history 394 feet to left field in the seventh inning Wednesday night at Rogers Center, long enough to clear Wall of his 61st home run, but short enough to evade the grip of rabid fans.

Minutes later, Zach Britton was on a mission to get her back.

The ball fell into the safe haven Also known as Bullpen Blue JaysBullpen coach Matt Buschmann first got him before ending up with Jordan Romano.

A member of the Yankees security team and a club worker were quickly put behind a row of chairs at the Bulls game, but the ball remained with Romano until Britton made his way off the Yankees’ trigger into the right court.

Britton then said, “By the time I got there, Romano saw me coming and was saying, ‘Hey there you are.'” win 8-3. “It was good. It was great, he made it easy. … He handed it to me and I said, ‘I appreciate it.’ If there’s anything they want, I’ll see what I can do with the judge.”

The home ball 61 by Aaron Judge reached Zach Britton and Bull Yankees.
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With an easy swap — potentially much less challenging than if he ended up with a fan of the ball — Britton was suddenly holding the baseball that tied the Major League Baseball to Roger Maris and the franchise’s one-season home record, which has been in place since 1961.

“That was great,” Britton said. “Some guys, we were joking about our negotiations with Judge, what would that be like. But I think it’s just a big moment. The ball was just a small piece of it. He had to go do it. I just think it’s good to have that. Romano was great, so we appreciate that.”

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The judge said he appreciated Romano’s handing of the ball to Britton, describing it as a “collective movement”.

Britton wasn’t sure why he was chosen as the Yankees’ loyalist to secure baseball from the Blue Jays. He joked that he should probably have done a warm-up, as he entered the match minutes later in the bottom of the seventh inning. But after nearly 10 minutes of Yankees security guards having not returned yet, he wanted to go see for himself.

“For the judge just to be able to get that without – do the negotiations know if that was put into the stands and who knows?” Britton said. “I don’t think it matters as much as people think. The fact that he’s there and will probably continue to do more training at home, it’s good that he’s managed to get this off here. We can go back to New York knowing the fans will be very excited to watch him continue. beating”.