December 3, 2023

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“Revive Dollars”: Viral home video to raise the price of used bills

“Revive Dollars”: Viral home video to raise the price of used bills
Dollar bills can be renewed in just 3 steps so that they do not lose their value. (tiktok)

Every person holding Dollars Familiar with different types of bills such as “small face”, “large face” or “blue” because some exchange firms are wary of changing the old value, although the United States government establishes that all are legal.

The position of the bill itself is included for different denominations as some local exchange companies refuse to accept them. Stained, dirty or torn dollars.

Within this framework, the TikTok account @Marcela_Genta uploaded a video Viral How he teaches in it Clear the bills at home Don’t lose those tickets.

According to Influencerswith 3 simple steps It is possible to improve the condition of the bills so that they do not lose their value, because, as he promised, in exchange houses they can offer up to 3% less for “dirty” dollars.

TikToker @Marcela_Genta shows off her homemade method of laundering dollars. (tiktok)

How to launder dollars?

In the short video, only 37 seconds, it has already reached almost 260 thousand Like it And with over 2,800 comments, the girl explains just that Bleach, water and a rag It is possible to improve the position of dollars so that exchange houses do not want to pay less than their value.

First, you should place the bill in a container of clean bleach and let it rest for a few seconds on each side; Following this, you need to take the money and put it in another container with water, again, let it “round and round” for a few seconds; Finally, the bill should be removed and placed on an absorbent pad to remove excess fluid.

The end result is a clean and revitalized dollar bill, “it looked like new,” he says InfluencersAnd this way the transaction ensures that the houses will pay their full value.

Common bleach is a product that can restore dollar bills.  (tiktok)
Common bleach is a product that can restore dollar bills. (tiktok)

Which currency notes are underpaid and which are not accepted at exchange houses?

As mentioned earlier, exchange houses and in some countries, such as Happened in Qatar during the World CupReluctance to accept dollars “Female Face”.

This is the name given to banknotes issued between 1914 and 1996, in which you can see the image Benjamin Franklin Within an oval frame and smaller than later issues.

Some exchange companies refuse to accept dollars "female face"
Some exchange houses refuse to accept “small face” dollars

Then there are the so-called “Big Face”, from 1996 to 2013, the portrait is larger, as well as the frame that approaches the edges of the paper, made later. This category is also not very popular in exchange houses, there are those who do not accept it, but there are also those who pay a lower percentage.

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Finally there are “The Blues”, which have been offered since 2013 till date and are preferred by exchange houses and worldwide. They are easily identified by a conservation group in the color that gives them their name, as well as by the lack of an oval frame and an even larger portrait of Franklin.

Dollars "Blue" Most desirable in the market.  (EFE/Rayner Peña R.)
“Blue” dollars are highly sought after in the market. (EFE/Rayner Peña R.)

What can an Argentine do to keep his dollars from losing their value?

One. On the one hand, they can be deposited in the bank and withdrawn again. Banking institutions do not distinguish between runs of bills, so if you deposit your dollars in your foreign currency accounts, you can withdraw them later and wait for the “blue ones” to be issued to you.

2. Those traveling or those in the US can also redeem them by mail. The government of the country issuing the currency offers a “defective currency exchange” option through which dirty or damaged versions can be removed and new banknotes can be obtained.

3. Another option is to move to another country where they accept “old” value bills. Ideally, if departing for an international destination, check how different dollar issues are treated and, if possible, use “small face” and “large face” to remove them without losing their value.

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