February 21, 2024

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'RHOSLC' star Monica Garcia posts pics of Reality Von Tease

'RHOSLC' star Monica Garcia posts pics of Reality Von Tease


Monica Garcia has her new villain status.

The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star, who was revealed as the person behind the popular troll account during Tuesday's Season 4 finale, shamelessly leaned into her Reality Von Tease character in a new photoshoot.

“You know you love me! Xoxo, RVT😘,” she said she captioned a series of snaps on Instagram of herself holding the front pages of fake newspapers and likening her to “Gossip Girl.”

“I warm my hands on the bridges I burned,” Garcia, 40, wrote on one scrap, which caught fire as she held it.

The Bravolebrity wore a black jacket with the title of her show written on it, along with bike shorts and white socks.

Garcia shared the elaborate photos right after viewers watched her co-star Heather Jay reveal her alter ego on Instagram during the cast's trip to Bermuda.

The fan-favorite Housewife gathered fellow OGs Meredith Marks, Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose on the beach to drop the bomb before the final dinner.

“There's something I want to tell you guys, and it's big, and it's not good,” she began.

“Guys, we've come a long way, the four of us. We have, and Monica's not who she says she is. She's not our friend. She's someone [who] He planned and worked to infiltrate our group of friends.

Monica Garcia owns her villain status after the season 4 finale of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.” Meredith Andrews/Bravo

“The name that you all know, the woman whose birthday we celebrated, who we've been trying to champion and support and defend, is Reality Von Tease.”

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“I'm scared,” Marks, 52, replied. “I'm so tired of people trying to hurt us. This is so embarrassing.”

In his confessional, Jay explained that the Reality Von Tease account was created more than three years ago.

“She's somebody [who] “I planned and worked to infiltrate our group of friends,” Heather Jay told her Garcia co-stars. Giselle Hernandez/Bravo

“It quickly expanded to prey on all of us. Me, Whitney, Meredith, Lisa. This was character assassination. They may not have created this content, but they made sure to repost every hateful thing they could find about us.”

“But we didn't know who he was.”

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Jay told her co-stars that she made the discovery after her longtime hairstylist — who was a close friend of Garcia — had a “crisis of conscience and came clean” about their mutual friend's social media activity.

Garcia joined the show this season, but has managed the Reality Von Tease account for years. Getty Images

“Within minutes, my phone was filled with screenshots, text messages, audio recordings, videos, photos and direct messages. “Loads of evidence exposes Monica,” she continued. “Nowadays, laptops come with a high-quality graphics card.”

At the women's Bermuda Triangle themed dinner, Jay delivered a scathing speech directed at Garcia.

“The mystery for me with Monica is: Who is the real Monica?” …The real Monica is someone who doesn't really want to be our friend, but wants to profit from our lives and our pain. “I know who you really are, and who you really are is the cyberbully, the cybertroll Reality Von Tease,” she said.

Garcia did not deny Jay's claim, saying only that it was “completely” not true. Presley Ann/Bravo

Garcia didn't completely deny Jay's shocking claim, instead saying: “That's not exactly true. Von Tease was never just one person.”

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Fans were divided over the revelation, with some calling the series newbie a bully while others praised her stellar performance as a reality TV villain.

“Monica, you got pregnant this season!!! It was so boring before you, thank you!!” one person wrote in the comments section.

Viewers of the Bravo series remain divided over the scandal. Brett Colvin/Bravo

Another person echoed this sentiment, writing: “Rolling applause. The first season is iconic. There are no notes. Carry this season on your back, and look flawless. We have no choice but to stan.

But others were less complimentary.

“You're the type of person who makes other women distrust women,” one viewer wrote, while another added: “That's not character behaviour, it's fan girl behaviour. You wish you had their life and you never will.”

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