December 8, 2023

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. goes barefoot down the aisle during a first class flight

Robert F.  Kennedy Jr. goes barefoot down the aisle during a first class flight
On The Tank/Justin Haskins podcast



Played Footsie with first class floor…

On an American flight to Dallas

Robert F. kennedy jr He let it all hang out during a flight nearly two weeks ago — and by that we mean from the ankles down… where he became well acquainted with the messy aisle floor.

The presidential candidate — who is running as an independent — was on an American Airlines plane on November 2nd… where we’re told he was traveling from Portland to Dallas on what appears to have been official political business, and during that flight, a pic was taken Flagged by conservative commentator Justin Haskins.

In the tank

Haskins — who works at a think tank called the Heartland Institute — took this photo of RFK Jr. getting up and walking to the bathroom… but he did so completely barefoot!

Actually… it’s a bit surprising, considering that the ground he’s treading on isn’t exactly clean – at least that’s what Haskins said when he and his comrades talked about it on their own page.In the tank Friday pod. According to him, there was a bunch of food and debris there.

Listen to what Haskins had to say… he was apparently quite surprised to see Bobby pull this off as nonchalantly as he did, joking that it might blow up his move. Campaign prospects.

We suppose time will tell on that front… but man, talk about feeling good, right? 😅

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